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Suazo Business Center and WGU Team Up Offering College Scholarships to Insufficient Community – NBC Utah

The Salt Lake City, Utah-Suazo Business Center and WGE Sorenson Legacy Foundation are partnering to provide 15 scholarships to underdeveloped students through grants, they said in a statement.

Students will begin classes at WGU Academy from 1 February. The program usually takes two to three months to complete.

“Since before the epidemic, low-service, minority and rural communities have already faced many barriers to higher education, access is not enough,” said Chris Lee, president of the WGU Academy. “The gap in college readiness facing students from underdeveloped communities has widened in recent decades, and through this partnership we want to develop students locally by equipping them with confidence, social and emotional skills and mentality to achieve their academic and professional goals.”

The WGU Academy was formed by Western Governors University (WGU) as a separate non-profit organization to support undergraduate and disadvantaged students enrolled in WGU and other institutions across the country.

Suazo Business Center, a non-profit organization based in Salt Lake City, enables underprivileged students, mostly Hispanics and other underdeveloped communities, to overcome obstacles to success, advance their education, prepare for a changed workforce, or start their own business.

“Suazo has been focusing on the economic dynamism of our underdeveloped communities since 2002. The primary way to do this is through entrepreneurial and small business development. To be able to partner with WGU Academy to expand our reach and incorporate staff development,” said Suazo, Executive Director of Suazo Business Center. Higher education is a big step.

Under WGU Corporation, WGU Academy acts as an independent non-profit organization established to help bridge the growing college preparation gap.

Based on the historical knowledge and experience of Western Governors University (WGU), the academy offers a more flexible and low-cost approach than traditional academic preparation programs. Its innovative college preparation pathways are designed for students who need extra help to succeed at WGU or other colleges and universities.

For more information visit wguacademy.org or https://www.suazocenter.org/

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