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Sparks offers scholarships to particularly talented students

Press release from 07.05.2022

The results of the unique nationwide promotion of musically gifted children and young people at the Landsmusic Gymnasium Rhineland-Palatinate in Montbauer are evident among the countless winners. In the past, some students have successfully participated in competitions like “Jugend musiziert”.

Scorpio recipient from Sparks Westerwald-Sieg. (Photo: Gross Photography)

Montaber. To support the school in this endeavor, Sparks pays the Westerwald-Sieg Grammar School a scholarship of 6,000 euros per year. This money is used to support students who have been judged as worthy of special support by an expert teacher jury. The amount of funds is used, for example, to buy an emergency equipment or to attend a so-called master class if the parents cannot afford it themselves.

Current scholarship holders include Oliver Bikanic (accordion, own instrument), Finja Frohlich (flute, new instrument), Magda-Lena Gartner (flute, new instrument), Philippe Coulter (piano / violin, bow for violin), Louis Kaiser (piano). , Master Class Participation), Miriam Newbuser (Piano, Master Class Participation), Finn Strakbain (Clarinet, New Instrument / Master Class), Clara Wagner (Clarinet, Master Class Teaching Material).

In a joint appointment at the school, Sparcus Westerwald-Sigg’s event coordinator, Matthias Richter, as the first district councilor and deputy district commissioner, used the opportunity to meet with current scholarship holders in person. Headmaster said. For the generous support of Udo Rademacher at Sparkasse Westerwald-Sieg which has been going on for 16 years now.

As part of the fundraising, eight Sparkas Scholarship holders will be presenting to the public on Tuesday, May 24 at 8pm as part of a classical concert at the Sparkas Westerwald-Sig office in Montabauer. Tickets for the concert are available from the branches of Montaber, Virges, Runsbach-Baumbach, Hohr-Grenjoussen and Sparkas in Newhausel for ৭ 7. Tickets can be saved via email at matthias.richter@skwws.de. (Prime Minister)

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