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Scholarship that transforms | Radius X Pillar

For the fifth year in a row, the University of Australia runs its fundraising campaign for scholarships, aimed at developing talent and promoting equal learning opportunities.

For those who convert, Austral University conducts the 5th fundraising campaign for the benefit of its scholarship funds. Focusing on the people and the transformative power of education, Australia achieves its annual goals and provides scholarships to over 1,000 students, thanks to the commitment and support of countless companies, families and individuals who, year after year, also bet on excellent education. .

From the institution, scholarship funds are promoted as a virtuous circle of transformation, where everyone makes possible a social impact of transformation from their place – donors, professors, students, graduates. Julian Rodriguez, Rector of Universal Australia, said: “We strongly believe that education is a fundamental tool for changing lives and this has been confirmed by the testimony of students with different social realities in different parts of the country.”

An art exhibition will be held at the Pillar Campus next Tuesday, May 17, from 7:30 pm, to conclude the annual campaign. Those invited to the event will be greeted with a cocktail and the scholarship will enable students to learn in a new and unconventional way through stories, lights, images and words. It will be an immersive experience about the transformative power of education.

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