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Les Roches complements her undergraduate program with specialization in sustainability

Les Roches Global Hospitality Education

Cranes-Montana, Switzerland, June 12 / PRNewswire /

University Les Roches Global Hospitality Education is now offering a bachelor’s degree in Sustainability, where the final semester Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Global Hospitality Management Dedicated to the current topic. Under the title Sustainable development and practice Sustainability thus became one of the four specialties that students could choose from on the Krans-Montana campus. Entrepreneur, digital marketing strategy And Financial performance management.

With 10 parts%[1] In global GDP, the hospitality and tourism sector is one of the ecosystems proportionally affected by sustainable development problems. A specification The sustainable tourism industry that promotes meaningful initiatives and resource-efficient cycles is in full swing, and Measures to control environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG standards) have a direct impact on society and the environment. In line with its students’ philosophy of encouraging innovative consciousness and creativity, Les Roches aims to decisively strengthen the ability of future leaders to drive sustainability and change.

New undergraduate specialization Sustainable development and practice In the long run the hospitality, tourism and experience aims to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge in management to transform the industry. The courses address the growing needs of consumers, stakeholders and the affected community, as well as issues related to ecotourism, design, ethics and corporate governance. Further specialization is offered in the final semester of BBA studies, as the name implies, on the Crans-Montana campus and on the Marbella site. Entrepreneur, digital marketing strategy And Financial performance management. Marbler Les Roaches Campus offers an additional specialization in luxury resort and resort development dedicated to running related businesses.

The new specialization will be offered on the Cranes-Montana campus from next September. Learning content is taught by renowned faculty members, including Dr. Dimitrios Dimantis, Executive Academic Dean, a visionary who has already focused on consumer engagement and ecotourism in his doctoral thesis[2] The various master courses conducted by external experts in the field of Sustainable Development are completely out of learning experience.

Dr. Diamantis was delighted: “Sustainability and ethics are topics that have been discussed in our course for a long time. Today we are going one step further and giving the issue of sustainable development the status of an academic specialty!” And further: “This intellectually meaningful program is eagerly awaited by the entire generation of young students and forms a perfect complement to our functional and academic initiatives as well as our annual festivities.” RelocationWhich takes place in November

At the same time, the training center organizes an international innovation competition for high school students. There is a need for innovative ideas about eco-luxury in the hospitality sector. Winners can look forward to expeditions to the Galাপpagos Islands and various scholarships. Competition, collaboration Lindblad Expedition, Sustainable travel pioneer, open to anyone who meets the enrollment criteria for the 2022 or 2023 Bachelor in Global Hospitality Management program.

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[1] Source: World Travel and Tourism Council

[2] (AdÜ) Consumer Involvement and Ecotourism

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