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Chilean artists traveled to Norway to receive a creation grant based on Ibsen’s work

“Every soul has a black mark that needs to be hidden” is an original creation inspired by director Nicolas Espinoza and playwright Juan Pablo Trancoso’s new drama project, Henrik Ibsen’s “The Pillars of Society”. The project was selected as the winner of the Ibsen Scope Grant in Norway, which consists of a biennial grant that finances creations that promote critical speech based on Ibsen’s drama.

Espinoza and Troncoso, who have worked together since the beginning of Colectivo Zoologico (“Dark”, “No Need to Dedicate Yourself to Coming”, “NIMBY”), have been researching and reflecting on Ibsen’s drama for almost a long time. Decades of production as “Enemy of the People” in 2014 and “Dolhouse” in 2019, also by Colectivo Zoo.

The Chileans are part of the four winners of 2021 – out of a total of 83 projects presented from 38 countries around the world – and will travel to Norway’s Scion 11 and 12 for the 2022 edition of the Ibsen Scope Festival to receive recognition this May.

Creative freedom

“This scholarship allows us to approach Ibsen’s theatrical ideas with absolute creative freedom to create our own, original and contemporary work. Also, it is an opportunity to deepen our research into creating a staging through the recognition and mediation using audiovisual technology, ”said Espinoza.

According to the published results, the jury was interested in the artistic concept presented and the in-depth analysis and relevance of the proposal, arguing that “although the pillars of society are rarely performed, Chilean companies find parallels in the world of work. Ibsen and his country’s own development”.

This is the first time that Espinoza and Troncoso will work independently, and this time with a cast consisting of Maria Paz Grandzin, Veronica Medel and Rafael Contreras.

“There is a black mark in every soul that must be hidden. It brings to the stage” the end of a long and painful era that denies death. The end of which we imagine and wish “, according to their creators.

The montage will premiere on the Matucana 100 in November, and they will return to Norway next year to perform at the 2023 edition of the Ibsen Scope Festival.

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