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Austrian SDG Award: These are the winners

The Austrian SDG Award, presented under the auspices of the NR President, was presented at a ceremony by the Presidium of the Economic Senate and host, the National Council. Wolfgang SobotkaHeld on May 9, 2022 at the Roof Fountain in Vienna Huffberg. Christian ClariceModerator, entrepreneur and conversion enthusiast, leading the top-class event.

Chancellor Carl Nehamar Satisfied with the initiative and stressed: “According to the Sustainable Development Report 2021, Austria ranks sixth globally for implementing SDGs and fourth in Europe. It shows that together we are on the right track. However, much remains to be done by 2030 to meet all development goals in their environmental, social and economic dimensions. Initiatives such as the Economic Senate make a significant contribution. I would like to congratulate all the winners of the Austrian SDG Awards and thank the organizers and everyone involved for their great commitment. “

Claudia Placlem, Secretary of State for Youth, further emphasized: “Every decision is a youth policy, because every decision affects young people in particular because they have to live with the consequences for the longest time. And this is the similarity between the youth policy and the SDGs: Contribute to the account – or push the goals into the distant future. I like that there has been a separate section for young people for several years, where the initiative is honored by young people and for them. Thanks for that! Such awards are not just a beautiful sign. , They also inspire!

“Our award winners are a great role model for how we can work to promote sustainable development in Austria and implement the 17 SDGs. Our goal with the Senate of Economics is to make significant contributions to the state and society through such initiatives. That’s why we need more courageous companies, communities and, above all, awareness of the problem, as well as innovative, sustainable solutions to make the future fit for grandchildren. ” Hans HararChairman of the Economic Senate.

Prize giving ceremony

Section “For entrepreneurship and youth“Awarded:

ACD, Agency for Cultural DiplomacyFor the Orange Feather Initiative

Voralberg, the youth envoy of the United Nations Children’s Fund and Caritas Foreign Aid SDG

School of Food Goss Apprentices (FiBL)

Winners in the category “Communities“:

– Mayor Gerhard receives the Bear Award Hittisau Municipality The opposite

– Mayor Carl Staudinger receives the award The municipal association VAMOS – Vöckla-Ager prefers money

– Mayor Anton Silver received the award Stair District / 21 Community

Both “Company“The awards went here:

Gebrüder Woerle GmbH, Subcategories “Big companies”

Comptech GmbHSubcategory “Medium business

Lafnitztal farm specialtiesIn the small business subcategory

Awarded for the first time Startup Sustainability Award Went Green Sentinel GmbH

The “Special prizes“Won:

– Senator Professor H.C. Marga Brigitte Wagner-Pishel With his scholarship initiative at Danube Private University.

Of “Jury Prize“Went:

– Dr. Kurt Weinberger (Chairman Austrian Hell Insurance), For his tireless efforts against sealing the soil.

Winners in the category “Media / Journalist“:

Incubator Earth

Ethics. Guide

Katharina Siegel – The book “How Sustainable is Digitization for People, the Environment and Organizations?”

Günter Bergauer, Chairman of the Ethics Advisory Board of the Economic Senate Emphasizes that the main purpose of the Austrian SDG Award is to create awareness:

“We just have to One We have permission to live on earth. Entrepreneurs and organizations that take into account environmental, social and cultural aspects are more successful in the long run. The 17 SDGs are an excellent opportunity to implement projects that can ensure sustainable development at the economic, social and environmental levels. We are pleased to make these successful contributions visible to the general public through the Austrian SDG Awards. “

“We hope and believe that people will focus more on sustainability and that we will be able to present flagship projects and optimism in the future for many submissions. The Austrian SDG Awards 2021 have been presented, the application process for the Awards 2023 has already started. From May 10, 2022, projects can be resubmitted to www.austrian-sdg-award.at. ” Gabriel StowasserBoard member of the Economic Senate.

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