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Student Editorial Team – How do you apply for a scholarship, who gets it, can I apply for a scholarship to study abroad? There are many questions and misunderstandings about scholarship. Here we clear up the 10 biggest misconceptions:

1.) You will only get scholarship if you have no money.
Of course not. Various talent programs offer scholarships regardless of financial situation. For this, however, one has to prove good academic performance or even a talent / qualification. If you can, you should apply to these programs. A notable example is the Swiss Study Foundation.

2.) The decision of the Cantonal Scholarship is final.
As far as Canton is concerned the decision of the Canton Scholarship is final. However, the Foundation provides grants when Canton gives very little or no grants. Because foundations see themselves in a supportive role and help where the state fails.

3.) My parents own a house. That’s why I don’t get any scholarship.
This statement refers only to cantonal grants and is not always accurate. Foundations analyze financial budgets less. So if there is a lack of money, it is worth trying to start with the foundation.

4.) No grants are provided for secondary training and further education.
If you want to do a second degree, it is really difficult to get a scholarship. Yet the possibilities exist. Many cantons clearly do not offer scholarships for the second course at the third level. According to its experience On the other hand, if there are good reasons, second degrees are often funded by the foundation.

5.) There is no grant for moving flat shares from home.
There are some foundations that focus on student accommodation. They provide subsidized accommodation or even contribute contributions so you can afford student accommodation.

6.) There is no grant for stay / exchange year abroad.
That’s wrong. The various foundations exclusively support overseas location and exchange semesters. You can apply for a grant here.

7.) If you get a scholarship, it is not like working because the scholarship may be reduced.
Unfortunately, some (a few) cantons actually operate skeptical incentive structures in accepting student jobs during scholarships. However, foundations generally encourage you to work while studying.

8.) An interest-free loan is a bad option.
Canton and many foundations offer interest-free loans in addition to scholarships. Many students do not want to take out a loan for fear of getting a loan. We think this is a good alternative to scholarship. Because of the fact that no interest is charged already prevents a debt trap. In addition, the loan can be repaid over a period of several years under extremely humane conditions. This is a very good option for scholarships and even better for bank loans.

9.) Scholarships are rarely available for study abroad.
That’s wrong. Canton supports studying abroad in a recognized educational institution like Switzerland. Accordingly, the Swiss reference rate is used for calculation.

10.) My parents have to pay for me until I am 25 years old.
You will need to pay the parents until you get your first proper degree. Even beyond 25. In college, that would be a postgraduate degree.

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