PP asked Consel for “responsibility” for the 689-day delay in granting university scholarships

The Spokesperson for Popular Group University In Lace Court, Luis Martinez, Noted that “PP asks the university to take responsibility for the 689-day delay in awarding scholarships.” The deputy indicated in a statement that “the report by Syndicatura de Competis degrades the Generalitat that it has awarded scholarships related to the 2019-2020 academic year at Valencian universities 689 days after the start of the class”.

“Someone must take responsibility in the face of such delays. We have been condemning the delay in payment for several years, but Minister Carolina Pasquale has dedicated herself to delaying and lying, creating false expectations and without any solution. We demand.” That they facilitate the processing of scholarships that affect thousands of students. ”

Martinez confirmed that “deception continues.” “Syndicatura agrees with what we are systematically condemning. At the beginning of the epidemic we had already requested a reduction in university fees and this was applied only at certain enrollment levels, not for all, according to the degree of experimentation,” he added.

“As we requested in April 2020, we are in favor of a reduction in fees, but a serious reduction and not really just 10%, which affects all enrollments. Fees. This is not something extraordinary, and besides, those who will be directly affected by this reduction are not the universities, the general public or the government of inflation, “he highlighted.

The spokesman asked Puig “when he is going to fulfill the promise he made in his day, noting that university students who pass all subjects will be registered for the next course free of charge”. “These are all lies and lies that cover up their mismanagement and their inability to implement serious measures to improve education and guarantee equal opportunities.”

The Popular Parliamentary Group presented a battery of questions to the Consul that “What changes has the Ministry of Innovation made in the last two courses to speed up the processing of university scholarships and whether it is going to solve university scholarships by 2021.” Earlier marked as a call for scholarships “.

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