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Norbert Garbig – Finally back with the song night

Gladbeck singer-songwriter Norbert Garbig has asked for a song night after a long corona break. Who is in concert at Christ Church.

After a long Corona break, Norbert Gerbig & Friends is again presenting a night of singing at Gladbeck on Saturday, May 14 – this time at the reformed Christ Church. As every year, visitors can look forward to an evening of handmade music and sophisticated music. Singer-songwriter and chansonian Jan DeGenhard will be a guest this year.

The son of the famous singer-songwriter Franz-Joseph Digenhard has already released numerous CDs. In her songs she collects socio-critical ballads, environmental studies, the ideals of the times and love stories. In her concert she will be accompanied by three exceptional international musicians: Christian Range playing the piano.

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Night of songs with new songs and new faces

In 2000, German-Colombian Colombian musicians won first prize in the Clasica Carib Essay Competition. Added to that is percussionist Pedro Masio Rodriguez. He came from Santiago de Cuba, studied percussion there and won numerous awards and scholarships. Samuel Castillo from Peru plays the guitar.

Gladbeck Group Norbert Gerbig & Friends will be the second part of the evening. Host, singer and guitarist Norbert Garbig has again put together a program with many new songs and an unusual lineup. Newcomers this year are singer Julia Coaster, violinist Ben Libor and celebrity Adriana Drogger.

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Norbert Garbig: The words sometimes have chamber music accents

The result is an atmospheric but polyphonic vocal movement, rhythmic sounds with chamber music accents and sophisticated lyrics, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes biting, sometimes humorous. Special guests will be Lena Zurkosek and Albanian singer Ornela Mulla.

May 14 concert. Admission starts at 8pm and costs 10 euros. 3G rules and mask requirements apply to the church. Advance tickets are available from Gladbeck’s Humboldt Bookstore.

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