Progressive Scholarships: Fortuna and La Toma will have service centers

The Ministry of Education and the municipalities in the area have signed an Act promising to decentralize assistance to interested parties and beneficiaries of this educational stimulus. Online registration will continue.

This Thursday, the Minister of Education, Maria Eugenia Cantalube, received Ernesto “PP” Ali and Diego Lucero, mayors of La Toma and Fortuna, respectively. At the meeting, they signed a pledge document to make “Progressor Points” available in the area, to provide support and information for Progress Scholarships, an important educational stimulus provided by the nation and the San Luis government, reaching every corner. Of the city. Province.

The posts will work in every building of the municipality. It is important to highlight that registration will continue online through the website

“It simply came to our notice then. This is a huge step forward for us as all citizens of La Toma and the region have the potential to have direct access to educational plans. I am celebrating the openness of the Minister to take us into consideration and thus start work, ”Ali confirmed.

For his part, Lucero said: “I’m delighted with the minutes we’ve signed. It’s very important for our city to have an office dedicated to everything from Progressive Scholarships. It also means creating another source of work for my people, so it’s very important.” “It’s very important to work with the ministry.”

Notes and pictures: Press of the Ministry of Education.

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