Dedicated to studying engineering at local universities, the Society of Engineers …

(MenaFN-Akhbar Al Khaleej)

During the celebration of the golden jubilee of the Bahrain Society of Engineers, the President of the Bahrain Society of Engineers. Zia announced that Abdul Aziz Tawfiqi has launched ten engineering scholarships under Bahrain University and Bahrain Polytechnic. The name «” Golden Jubilee Grants “is a grant that is added to the grant of the association’s program, which has been continuing since its inception in 1992.

Tawfiqi indicated that while Golden Jubilee Scholarships are available for engineering students at Bahrain University and Bahrain Polytechnic University, students from local private universities may benefit from these grants, provided that the amount of profit from them is equal to that of both students. The universities have mentioned, for undergraduate studies in various engineering disciplines.

Tawfiqi confirmed that the Golden Jubilee grant program was initiated by the Bahrain Society of Engineers in mid-March with the celebration of the Golden Jubilee to establish the association, and that the program and the association’s regular grant program came out of the blue. From the Bahrain Society of Engineers’ commitment to community service and partnership in the state of Bahrain, and following its social responsibility, the association has been encouraging students to study engineering major since its inception, noting that these initiatives have grown into a regular program since 1992 Which has benefited more than 200 students since its inception.

The President of the Bahrain Society of Engineers called on the Bahraini students who meet the requirements of the Society’s regular scholarships, the most important of which is that the applicant must be from Bahrain and have student membership of the Association. Quickly go to the association’s website http // bse . bh / en She contacted the grant e-mail school and invited those interested to apply to benefit from the program. Sajeda: Mohandis . org To complete the application for the grant, and then consider all the applications of the committee related to the grant of the Bahrain Society of Engineers.


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