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Gelsenkirchenerin says: This is how promoting talent strengthens me

High school graduate Rafaela Ritz attended the Easter Academy of “Talent Collage Ruhr”. How the youth there are ready for the future.

Hardworking, inquisitive and very talented: this is Rafaela Ritz. Gelsenkirchen-Ückendorf is an 18-year-old high-editor and one of the committed students who are supported by the NRW Center for Talent Promotion on their way to a professional future regardless of their social environment.

Gelsenkirchenerin (18): Talent promotion shows career opportunities

Teachers become aware of the young woman because, in addition to her proverbial enthusiasm, the 18-year-old woman also has strong social skills and optimism. Rafaela Ritz therefore unhesitatingly took the opportunity to acquire more “skills” as a tool for the future. “Promoting talent gives me more confidence, gives me career opportunities and supports me in my decision making,” Ritz explains, explaining why he went to school during the holidays.

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Rafaela Rietz is currently taking part in Grillo-Gymnasium in Q2 and is aiming for a high school diploma with very good grades this year. Her favorite subjects include German and English. Language is his weakness. On the other hand, he described mathematics as a subject “if you are good at it, you enjoy it”. Those who have not found the rules and formulas of arithmetic so fast will find it less fun. He thinks it is important to refresh his knowledge, which is why he decided to attend the Easter holiday academy of Gelsenkirchen’s “Talentkoleg Ruhr”.

Raphael Ritz from Gelsenkirchen: Failure Increases Personal Ambitions

“If I don’t get something right, my motivation decreases, but at the same time my ambition increases,” says the talented student, describing the interplay of feelings when faced with challenges at school. Therefore, he used the qualification course in the first week of vacation to refresh his basic knowledge of mathematics. During this time he had the opportunity to participate in small group courses in German and English.

Throughout the year, “TalentKollegs Ruhr”, located in Bochumer Strasse 86, offers such and many more workshops and informational events in collaboration with the secondary school, personal support and advice, where we respond to personal wishes and goals, “explained its deputy director. Angelica Dorawa College.

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If you ask Rafaela Ritz, you will find that she is not only very committed to the school. He spends a lot of time on his favorite hobby, volleyball. He has been playing for a club since the age of seven, meanwhile, in a performance-based Premier League. The young woman also works on a voluntary basis in a student exchange company. “All of this takes a lot of time and is sometimes associated with a certain amount of stress,” admits Rafaela Ritz. But that’s how he likes it. “I do my best under pressure. Then I make the best decision, ”says the student.

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The first contact with talent development came from staying at a school in the United States, which he had to finish before planning due to the epidemic. During distance learning he was supported by his scouts, which was not always easy. “It made me feel good at the time,” said Jelsenkirchen resident. At least now he knows which way to go. After graduating from high school, she wants to start with a free social year (FSL) in Europe. He has already received funding for this from the European Solidarity Corps (ESK). It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The Gelsenkirchen Center helps adolescents from disadvantaged backgrounds

Under the umbrella of the NRW Center for Talent Promotion, there are a number of offers that support talent from headquarters in Gelsenkirchen, especially from less privileged backgrounds. In addition to the existing “TalentKolleg Ruhr” since 2021, these include the NRW Talent Scouting, the “RuhrTalente” Student Scholarship and the “StipendienKultur Ruhr” initiative. In the next two cases, the focus is on providing scholarships. Offer unique talent overlap. Also, there is mutual mediation, to show the youth the best possible opportunities and further training opportunities.

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