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Launches University Scholarship Platform for Latino Youth – NBC Utah

Salt Lake City, a new platform called UTAH- IOScholarships offers free access to scholarships and financial education so that high school, undergraduate and postgraduate students can receive student scholarships.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics, collectively known as STEM, are the fastest growing and highest paid fields in the United States, with a wide range of job opportunities ranging from aerospace engineers, programmers to operations managers, but only 7% of the Latino industry. .

Realizing how long and complicated the scholarship search process was for students of various STEM disciplines, Maria Fernanda Trochimezuk created the IOS Scholarship to facilitate access to scholarships for students. She taught herself how to find, apply for and win scholarships and became an advocate for promoting scholarships across the country.

“IOS Scholarships were inspired by my own experience because I was fortunate to receive scholarships at prestigious universities and to realize that more could be done to support minority students, especially now that STEM education has become more important for job opportunities. “Says Maria Fernanda Trochimezuk, founder of the IO Scholarship. “The iOS scholarship will not only help Latino students find scholarships, but will equalize the playing field so that all minority students have the opportunity to achieve their educational goals.”

Most of the scholarships listed on the IOS Scholarship website come directly from institutions rather than just universities, maximizing the number of opportunities for students to raise funds for their education.

Each month, IOScholarships adds hundreds of new curated scholarships to its database and posts “Scholarships of the Week” to its Instagram (OSIOScholarships) account, making it easier for students to find new scholarship opportunities.

In addition to awarding scholarships, the iOS Scholarship Scholarship Access Platform includes a free scholarship organizer, news articles designed to provide guidance on applying for scholarships, and money-saving tips.

The platform also offers a career eligibility questionnaire designed to help students identify the career that best matches their skills.

For more information about IOScholarships, visit www.ioscholarships.com

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