When a student leaves a job: Students need to know this now

When students do not have jobs, financial worries increase in many places. Bridging help or scholarship can only alleviate the need for a limited amount. A review.

Students with a mask and books

It is difficult for students to get jobs in Corona. Many students are affected by the loss of their student jobs.

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The Corona crisis is also hitting German students hard. In addition to the routine of regular study, they lack money above all else. Waiters at restaurants, selling sneakers at sports stores, or tearing up tickets to the movies – none of this is possible during a difficult lockdown. Without one Student jobs On a 450-euro basis, financial concerns are growing in many places. Bridging help or scholarship can only alleviate the need for a limited amount. This brief description shows that there is no way out for students from the current emergency situation.

Student job options What job options are currently available?

Carlotta Kuhnman, 25, has had many conversations with frustrated students in recent months. He is a member of the board of the Free Union of Student Unions (FZS), an umbrella organization of German student representatives. “The scope of student employment has shrunk significantly,” said Kuhnman Apart from gastronomy or retail classics, there are no jobs around the university campus. Closed canteen or library means there is an additional shortage of what is on offer. “And the job at the supermarket checkout is certainly very competitive,” Kühnemann explained. He advised students and teachers to supplement their money through tutoring through video conferencing. “Because face-to-face teaching is not happening in schools, there is a need,” said Kuhnman For medical students, help at a vaccination center is also an option. Student assistants are also being sought to assist lecturers in digital teaching.

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