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Augsburg University of Applied Sciences has laid a new support foundation for its anniversary. The first project aims to help Ukrainian students get scholarships. This is sustainable educational work.

Happy 50th Birthday, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. HSA is giving itself a special gift on this anniversary. Because in 2022 he laid a new foundation for the promotion of HSA values ​​and their goal of further anchoring them in society. In concrete terms, it means: to do (training) the work of education. The first project of the new foundation helps Ukrainian students to get scholarships in Germany more easily

Wolfgang Raquelman is the first co-founder of the Support Foundation and explains: “The reason for my scholarship was also my personal connection to the university: I studied architecture at the former University of Applied Sciences.” Ulrich Group, one of the founders of the Support Foundation, the chairman of the association for the promotion of the University of Augsburg e. V, added: “The association has been supporting the university in its very best way for over 50 years. With the Support Foundation, we are setting courses for additional and long-term commitment and support for the university community. “

Ulrich Group, Milestone’s birthdays need to be celebrated in a big way – no question about it. And big birthdays usually bring big gifts. A new funding foundation is a special gift for HSA, as it enables it to better implement its purpose – training specialists for the region. The first project helps Ukrainian refugees get scholarships in Germany. With this you, the Ulrich group, support the people who are being specially demanded to start the HSA because of the current political situation. However, the result will be clear: everyone should have the best option to study here – regardless of their financial means.

So Ulrikh Group is the winner of the day.

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