Ukrainian artists receive grants at Villa Concordia

The Bavarian Free State has awarded twelve scholarships to artists fleeing Ukraine to Germany. They will be assisted for five months with 1,500 euros per month, says Marcus Bloom (CSU), Minister of State for Industry and Science.

Villa Concordia: Scholarships will be doubled

In Bamberg, the home of the free state artists runs Villa Concordia. Each year, it helps twelve artists from Germany and one host country with such grants – the number has now doubled for refugees from Ukraine. According to the ministry, you can apply to Künstlerhaus from Monday.

The financial plight of Ukrainian artists should be cushioned

The scholarship is not associated with permanent residency in Bamberg, Bloom said. However, it is planned to integrate them into artistic work in the form of a digital and analog forum. “The scholarship is designed to be as flexible as possible. In this way, we can quickly and easily reduce immediate financial needs and send a signal of solidarity and appreciation for Ukrainian artists,” the minister said.

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