The section entitled Cut Aid and how to find out about it

The sections entitled to help cuts and how to find out about it – educate me – Saudi News

Groups deserve help to cut and find out about it. In the last few years the cut aid was distributed once or twice a year, but now it is distributed once a year and no new date has been announced. For the past four years, and many are now looking for a date for the distribution of aid during the month of Ramadan, and this has been done in collaboration between the Ministry of Social Development and the appropriate state authorities. A small amount of eligible Saudi nationals with low incomes or pensions, as well as social security beneficiaries.

Categories eligible for cut help:

Section eligible for cut help
Those who deserve help
  • A handful of assistance is distributed to poor low-income citizens or low-income employees.
  • Those eligible for support include divorced, widowed, as well as abandoned women who are not cared for, especially those who have children.
  • Also eligible persons are those who have debts and cannot repay those debts, and they must submit a loan repayment request to a group.
  • Assistance also includes groups who want a specialized medical service and cannot get it through a health facility.
  • Scholarships are available outside the country and are also provided to people who need to help someone benefit from them.

Ask for help deposits during the month of Ramadan:

Data updates for all Social Security and cut-off support beneficiaries have started from November 2021 and will continue till May 2022 and you can ask for the update by performing the following steps:

  • Beneficiaries need to create a new account through the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.
  • Also, all person’s data including identity number, phone number and others must be filled in
  • After that, the password is sent through a text message to the number registered in the application and then he logs in to his account through this number.
  • Then log in to the Ministry website again with the link to log in to your account with password.
  • You can log in through the Unified National Platform.
  • Next, enter the link to inquire about the request of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development
  • Then enter the application number and civil registry number, then the verification code.
  • Finally, click the “View” button.

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