The 5 most important information about the salary increase of government employees, a few days before its implementation

State administrative apparatus employees will pay a special allowance to those not addressed by the civil service, increasing additional incentives for state employees, to pay a new salary increase from this April, after expediting the date of entitlement to periodic bonuses. And increase pensions. The financial plan for wages in next year’s budget is 400 400 billion, and “The Seventh Day” reveals the 5 most important facts about the new periodic bonus, which are:

1- Employees who are addressed by the provisions of the Civil Service Act are entitled to a periodic bonus arrears, which were increased to 8% of the wages for each of them on 31st March, with a minimum EGP of 100 per month, and a maximum, and this bonus is current. The first of April is considered part of the employee’s wages.

2- State workers who are not subject to the provisions of the Civil Service Act will be paid a special allowance of 15% of the basic wage, including a minimum of 100 100 on March 31, and a maximum of Rs. This allowance is part of the basic wages of the workers and is included in the first month of this April.

3- Employees of public service and financial government agencies, starting April 1, are given a special bonus calculated on the basis of the difference between 8% of the wages of the job and the percentage of the annual periodic bonus calculated.

4- Monthly additional incentives for employees who are addressed by the provisions of the Civil Service Act and employees who are not addressed by it, the cut-off increases to 5 175 for the sixth, fifth and fourth grades, 22 225 for the third. 27 275 for degree holders, second-degree occupants, 5 325 for first-degree occupants, and 350 350 for first-degree holders, ম্য 375 for general manager or senior degree, 5 375 for high-ranking individuals, and 400 400 for occupants. Equivalent, and those who are employed after this date benefit and this incentive is considered part of the supplementary wage or variable wage.

5- Special Allowance or Monthly Incentive will not be given to every eligible worker who works abroad, who is second to work abroad, who is on special unpaid leave and who does not get paid inside from workers who have special leave for leave, grant or mission period. , Abroad on vacation, scholarship or mission.

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