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State Election 2022 Olpe District: This FDP candidate

Olpe District.
Colin Stam is the FDP candidate for the state parliament in Olpe district. He wants to work to protect the strong industrial zone.

The State elections North Rhine-Westphalia will be held on May 15, 2022. Eight candidates are contesting in Olpe district. Which Candidate check Candidates identify themselves, their plans, goals and desires. This time: Colin Stam (FDP).


  • Surname:

    Colin tribe

  • Date of birth:


  • Marital Status / Children:

    Not a single child

  • Occupation:

    Which one

  • Education and training:

    Medical student

  • Hobby:

    Badminton, swimming, cycling

  • Travel Favorites:


  • Gourmet Desire:

    Green asparagus with Dutch sauce

  • Fun to read:

    Article from “Die ZEIT”

  • The joy of the song:

    Not a favorite title, but something like the 80’s

  • My favorite places:

    All possible places along our Bigge

Now please specify

What do you want to achieve for your constituency in five years?

I would like to preserve this strong industrial zone, especially to push the state Fin.Connect.NRW’s financial center initiative towards e-mobility and at the same time through advance digitization with the help of so-called “digital”. Freedom Zone “, where modern and innovative concepts used with AI and Industry 4.0 can be tested later to roll them out. I want to enable scholarships for schoolchildren and trainees. My goal is to keep our healthcare system safe. A district-wide initiative is needed to network different actors with each other to improve data and information exchange for the benefit of patients, as well as non-bureaucratic ways to set up treatment centers.

How would you like to build more affordable housing in Olpe District?

On the one hand, I want to achieve a reduction and an exemption from the 50 650,000 real estate transfer tax, in order to get rid of the many houses that are still being built here. In addition, roof additions and densities, as well as changes in the use of living space from empty inner-city areas, must be facilitated, for example. In addition, I would like to further test innovative approaches such as 3D printing and new insulation materials to reduce the cost explosion during construction through a more efficient construction process. But the state must invest more in social housing.

What are your ideas for relieving households with rising prices (fuel, oil, gas)?

I fully support the steps taken by the federal government to relieve the burden of the war. The temporary reduction of the energy tax on fuel is also quite accurate, as it is a quick way to alleviate the burden and most people in our district rely on cars for work, for example. In the long run, however, we must expand renewable energy in the district. This requires a civic cooperative structure for wind farms, which can greatly reduce the cost of electricity.

Think till the end

A-45 bridge repair …

As part of a pilot project, expeditious approvals must be expedited.

To ensure medical services …

We need to expand digital networking to individual actors and establishments
Facilitate treatment centers as a financially viable facility for physicians.

All that is needed in the village of Alpe district is …

New car sharing offers and a
Support for the expansion of digital infrastructure.

The security situation in Olpe district …

This is very good and the police force can be further strengthened and modernized.

If I could ask for anything for Olpe District, it would be …

A research facility where students can gain experience of natural sciences in practice.

Internet should be fast …

There must be an issue for everyone.

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