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Under the agreement with 11 universities in the city, about 1,300 young men and women will have the opportunity to realize their dreams and enter one of the higher education scholarships offered by the Bukarmanga Mayor’s Office.

The registration form is open to young people interested in participating in the call for higher education, a program that seeks to finance technical, technical and university careers for those who have completed their elementary school stage and wish to continue training.

The education secretary of Bukarmanga explained that the purpose is the youth of the city To be able to Training in various fields of knowledge and core digital skills to facilitate their employment in any industry.

It is very easy to apply for this educational facility, and according to Municipal Education Secretary Anna Leoner Rueda, all that is required is to “live in Bucaramanga, graduate from a government school, and present a state examination.” The agreement was signed to enable technicians, professionals and technologists to study in 36 programs. In areas such as health, tourism, gastronomy and programming, ”he said.

In this sense, they will provide the selected profiles with a scholarship equivalent to 100% of the registration price for the entire duration of the study. The project is funded by the Bukarmanga Mayor’s Office Higher Education Fund.

How to sign up?

Scholarship registration, selection and notification process will be done online, so those interested can know more details about the call at this link.

But in the beautiful city Four points have been activated that interested parties will participate 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

“We will be at the Women’s Center at 104F # 8C-30 Street, Agora del Kennedy, Agora Porvenir and Centro Vida Anos,” the education secretary explained.

The deadline to apply for the vacancy will be enabled next Friday, April 8, while on Tuesday, May 17, the results of the selected beneficiaries will be published through the social network of the Secretariat. This means that this group of young people will be able to start their studies in the second semester of this year.

This educational call, which provides more opportunities for young people, for municipal administration Has invested $ 1,382,095,552 million.

The head of the educational portfolio said, “In the first semester of 2022, Bookermangar invested 1 4,058,329,002 million in 951 student sustainability.”

For his part, Bucaramanga Mayor Juan Carlos Cardenas said that “education is the future, that’s why At Bukarmanga we are building a real bridge for the future, With scholarships, with computers and with the historic changes in the educational infrastructure that we are moving forward. “

Overcoming adversity

Life gave young man Johann Manuel Rodriguez Galvis a second chance, although he never expected to study in prison. He thanked the mayor’s office of Bukarmangar for the scholarship provided through the municipal secretary of education.

His story shows that you can do it whenever you want and in “bar and bar”, as the beneficiary mentioned, He was able to complete his studies as a professional technician in commercial logistics at Fitech University.

“One always dreams of this help because it is very useful there. A lot of times when you are alone you think: Oh, a book please. The Bible has helped me a lot, but studying has changed my life, “Rodriguez Galvis told the press team in the Bucaramanga mayor’s office.

While in prison, Rodriguez belonged to a community called the Nuevoos Horizontes, which aims to re-socialize many young people in prison. The one who has the ‘stick’ of this program is Herberto Flores, the dragonant of Inpac. He was the spirit of this detoxification, support and therapy process and an angel for this person who received a scholarship from Life and Municipal Administration.

Johann Manuel’s career lasted two years, he spent a year and a half in prison and spent the remaining six months practicing his technique. He finished them while working as a taxi driver in the Bukramanga metropolitan area.

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