SENACYT and IFARHU host an awards ceremony for 81 scholarships from seven public calls.

Panama, March 24, 2022. The awards ceremony was hosted by the National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (Senacity) and the Institute for the Training and Use of Human Resources (IFARHU). 81 scholarships Related 6 public calls:

  • Excellence bachelor’s degree for students from government schools.
  • Master in certain areas – Embassy of France.
  • Postgraduate in Technology.
  • Doctorate in Specific Areas – Canada.
  • Doctorate of research in the field of health 2021.
  • Medical sub-specialties will be carried abroad in the priority areas of the health sector, 2021.
  • Research PhD, 2021.

The estimated investment in the IFARHU-SENACYT Scholarship Program to cover these scholarships is B /. 3,210,000.00 for 2022. Among the scholarship calls, for the first time, a specific call for a postgraduate degree in technical science was included. Eight men and three women have benefited from this call.

The highest number of scholarship holders (29) in Doctorate in Research Call (19 males and 10 females). The second call with the largest number of beneficiaries is the call for graduate excellence for official school students, with 20 scholarship recipients (7 male and 13 female) who will study English and undergraduate degrees at universities in the United States and Canada. When they return, their goal will be to strengthen the country’s research and innovation capabilities.

Through the IFARHU-SENACYT Scholarship Program, it is expected to impact all regions and thus strengthen scientific development in all areas of the country.

The highest number of scholarships awarded today is for Panama with 38 scholarships, followed by Chirikui province with 21 scholarships, Veraguas with 9 scholarships, Cockle with 5 scholarships, Herrera with 3 scholarships, Cologne and Los Santos with 2 scholarships and 1 scholarship for West Panama.

From the call for medical specialization in the priority areas of the health sector, three Fellows will study Critical Medicine and Intensive Care Sub-Specialties and one Fellow will study Specialties in Intensive Medicine and Emergency. These areas were coordinated with the Ministry of Health and the Social Security Fund to strengthen the capacity of the health system and respond to the needs of the sector.

The Ifarhu-Senacity Scholarship Program It has been in existence since 2005 and provides financial support to selected scholarship holders Academic Qualifications, Who go through a rigorous selection process conducted by evaluators outside the Cenasite and who represent the public, private and academic sectors. Since then, 3,509 scholarships have been awarded, and today 81 scholarships have been awarded These scholarships are awarded for contributing to the training of Panamanian human resources in priority areas for the development of the country.

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