Season: How Trainees Benefit From Locations Abroad

“It’s nice to be in a technically mature country”: Trainees in and around Saginaw have worked in Ireland and Latvia.

Ten in Ireland, three in Latvia: Thirteen trainees from South Westphalia have now received the “Europas Mobility” award this season by Sabine Bechaim, Managing Director of IHK. A statement from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Season said, “The trainees were among the lucky ones to be able to use the narrow time window in summer and autumn, where the number of corona still seems to be manageable.”

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With scholarships from the IHK project “WINGs Gos Ireland” and IHK Siegen, ten commercial and technical-industrial trainees from local companies went to Limerick. Three technical-commercial trainees traveled to Riga with new collaboration partner Education GmbH and the “Erasmus +” scholarship.

IHK Season: South Westphalia trainees do internships in Ireland and Latvia

In selected medium-sized companies, young people were able to gain international professional experience and learn about Irish or Latvian daily life in their respective host families and student accommodation. “Whether working in a foreign industry, legal issues, English-language business communication practices or cultural specialties: participants benefit from long-term acquired skills, both professionally and personally,” emphasizes the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

For example, Laura Schnling, a potential bank clerk in Sparkus Season, had to first get accustomed to how much she believed in him and his work at the hotel: she was able to quickly make independent accounts, check income, or check solvency. Customers

Season: Trainees can learn about the daily life and customs of other countries

Nina Berg, a potential technological product designer for machine and plant construction at EMG Automation GmbH in Wenden, has completed her internship in a meeting place for seniors with a variety of application areas – from reception work to wheeled meals. Working on a project against violence against women or organizations and overseeing events: “I am particularly benefiting from the experience and knowledge I have gained in a completely unrelated field. Sometimes through close contact with people, I immediately felt the need and the high value of social work and became introverted. And I owe a lot of motivation to my life and work in my country for the relatively non-sequential collaboration between seniors and colleagues. ”

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According to IHK, the response of the three trainees to the internship in the Latvian capital, Riga, was also very pleasing. “It’s nice to be in a technically mature country. The modern age has been very well received there and in some cases is already far from here! ” Jan Jaden Schmidt, a potential software developer at SMS group GmbH, spoke about his four-week stay.

Season: Trainees gain insights into Irish and Latvian everyday life

In discussions with the host family, roommates and colleagues, the trainees were not only able to significantly expand their language skills, but also gained in-depth insights into political discussions and practical regulations regarding the consequences of epidemics or Brexit. “While the great multicultural diversity and the level of digitization in all walks of life has left a lasting impression on trainees in Riga, culture and enthusiasm for discussion as well as ‘relaxation’ and the deep black humor of the Irish are among the most constructive impressions of young professionals,” according to IHK.

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“Since a diversified promotion of our high-performing trainees is very important to us, we used WING for two trainees at the same time to enable them to gain exceptional professional and personal experience abroad,” said training manager Kim Salom His in Sparkasse Siegen. Who was using WINGs for the first time, enabled two trainees to do internships abroad. “The response from the two has encouraged us to take advantage of such funding through the Chamber of Industry and Commerce next year.”

And Christina Kohler, who is responsible for training at Hilchenbach’s SMS group GmbH, emphasizes: “I am always pleased that our trainees, whom we have been sending abroad for internships with the WINGS project for many years, are on a journey of personal development.”

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