Scholarships for medical students in psychiatry

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Scholarships for medical students in psychiatry

Rheydt’s LVR clinic also advertises the program, which can pay participants 600 euros per month. Until interested parties can apply.

A loan of 600 euros per month – this is a very useful extra income during your studies. Medical students can receive the same assistance as scholarship holders from the Regional Association of the Rhineland (LVR). The LVR-Clinic-Start program makes this possible. It targets medical students who are interested in psychiatry and have already completed their physics course.

The network of clinics run by the Rhineland Regional Association seeks to use the program to promote young medical professionals as well as win them over at its large specialist clinics for psychiatry in Rhineland. “We’re sure the start of a professional life will be this easy,” said Stefan Rinkins, medical director at the LVR Clinic in Reidt’s Heinrich-Pesh-Strauss.

Currently 70 or more scholarship holders in the current initial funding phase can learn the fields of psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatics at regional association clinics, for example during internships. And their seminars and LVR Clinic Network expert conferences should have the opportunity to deepen their psychological knowledge. Complete the support program with additional offers such as a mentoring program, trainee, exam coaching or doctoral project.

According to the regional association, monthly financial aid based on a loan of 600 euros ends after graduation or last four years. After completing their studies, participants have a better chance of being employed at an LVR clinic. In the past, more than half of the scholarship holders stayed at the LVR clinic after their studies. In such cases, they assume the responsibility of repaying the loan for the duration of employment.

On June 1, 2022, the LVR-Clinic-Start Funding Program will enter its next round. Interested medical students can apply by email ([email protected]) until April 30, 2022.

Further information on the regional association’s scholarship program can be found on the Internet at and by telephone at 0221 8096651.


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