Scholarship 18-2022: Continuing to prepare for admission in short listed higher education News

The pre-selected youth of the Beca 18 competition, Call 2022, who participated in the second moment of application for the 3,024 additional comprehensive scholarships awarded this year, continue to have free access to the Support and Orientation Platform (PAO). , A virtual space where they have access to educational content that allows them to continue to strengthen their knowledge to achieve a successful transition from basic education to higher education.

In this regard, Reagan Orozko, an expert at the Ministry of Education’s National Program of Scholarships and Educational Loans (PONABEC), explains that young people at PAO have access to the Gate Ready module, where Talent strengthens their knowledge of mathematical reasoning, verbal reasoning and science and technology. In this section they access information to acquire and improve their study habits.

Orozco reminded that PAO has two more modules: Vocational guides and educational offers.

Vocational adaptation: In this section, young people, through various general tests conducted in self-applied ways, have discovered their professional preferences, skills and personality traits, which have helped them to choose the most suitable career for their profile and interests.

Educational offers: In this space, applicants can access up-to-date information on eligible HEIs for this call, their educational standards, and the studies they offer. Also, they know about the economic returns of the career, whether or not they are preferred by the competition, the region or region where the university, institute or high school is located and some dates of the admission test.

Sorted by The deadline to apply for the second round of the competition is May 6 For the current ones, they must comply with the following mandatory requirements:

1. Entered a Higher Education Institution (HEI), Eligible position to start studies in 2022 academic year and study program (admission proof is available).

2. Completed Regular Basic Education (EBR) or Alternative (EBA) or Special (EBE) High School.

3. According to Medis Sisfoh, applicants for the general 18th Scholarship system must prove poverty or extreme poverty conditions.

4. Submit the affidavit and form generated by the application module.

Remember this stage Only shortlisted individuals will be able to participate in the 2022 competition, Since this is not a new call. For more information on the second application moment for Beca 18, visit the Pronabec website. You can also contact this organization through its social network, write to free line 080 00 00 18 or telephone exchange (01) 612 82 30 or WhatsApp 966 429 596.

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