Santander Scholarships 2022. Learn about 7 open calls

The Santander Scholarship 2022 Offer support to Mexican students and professionals.

There are currently seven open calls, offering more than 7,500 Santander scholarships.

These scholarships provide a variety of support; In some cases they consist of access to a course, payment for training, or disbursement.

Registration is done online on their website; You must have a personal email to do this.

Each call has its own requirements and deadlines; There are scholarships to study in person or online. The sections in which support is shared are:

  • Technology
  • Skills
  • Language
  • Women
  • Study
  • Habits
  • Research
  • Durability

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Call 2022

This call is currently open.

Entrepreneur | Autonomous University of San Luis Potos

  • 500 scholarships
  • Aim at all listeners
  • The call will be closed on 17 April

The program aims at the San Luis Potosi Autonomous University (UASLP) community, which includes professors, administrative staff, and students from all semesters and study areas, as well as graduates who can prove their relationship with the San Luis Potosi Autonomous University. UASLP).

Santander Universities absorb 100% of the money for self-administered online courses, giving you access to platforms with licensed licenses and eventually you get your certificate.

Santander Scholarship Language | English slang 2022

  • 400 scholarships
  • Aim at all listeners
  • The call will be closed on April 24

The “Santander Language Scholarships – Slang 2022” program is a Santander group program aimed at promoting and strengthening English language training at a professional level.

Students will have full access to the platform where they will receive over 90 general and professional English courses focusing on the following strategic lines:

  • A) Professional English
  • B) Conversational English
  • C) CEFR
  • D) Soft skills

Santander Studies Scholarship | Maintenance Assistance 2022

  • 200 scholarships
  • Targets students, undergraduates and graduates
  • The call will be closed on April 24

It is an initiative that focuses on helping Mexican students continue their studies successfully in higher education.

The program has 9,000 peso maintenance support for young people who are studying Technical higher education, Bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree In a public or private higher education institution, those who have 30% credit in their current studies and are regular students with a minimum average of 8.0.

Agree with Santander X and UNAM 2022

  • 450 scholarships
  • Aim at all listeners
  • The call will close on May 8

It is an initiative of Grupo Santander in collaboration with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), which focuses on the necessary skills training for entrepreneurs, promotes profitable and successful businesses that will positively impact their environment, ensuring proper decision making in their ecosystem. , Companies and fields of expertise.

Scholarship consists of access to one of the three Self-management course Teaching by UNAM, the duration of each course is 25 hours, with a market value of 3,000 pesos.

Santander Scholarship Language | For everyone – German, French and Italian – CID

  • 500 scholarships
  • Aim at all listeners
  • The call will close on May 22

It aims to promote and strengthen the training of one of these three languages ​​at the general level of communication skills.

During the scholarship they will have access to different levels of language requested by the student with the possibility of advancing as much as they wish, where they will find different content in the following manner:

  • A) Basic aspects
  • B) Conversation
  • C) Grammar
  • D) General vocabulary
  • e) Practice for Certification Exam (French and Italian)

Santander Studies Scholarship | Fibra Educa Foundation (FEDUCA) 2.0

  • 600 scholarships
  • Instructed students
  • The call will close on May 22

It is an initiative of Fundación Fibra Educa, which focuses on the distribution of academic scholarships offered in conjunction with its tenants (educational service operators), especially benefiting women and indigenous peoples and people in extreme poverty. In addition to scholarships to study English language in online quick learning.

Community Social Service Tools and Concept 2022

  • 5,000 scholarships
  • Instructed students
  • The call will end on December 18, 2022

Beneficiaries will have access to the course “Community Approach: Tools for Higher Education Social Service Providers”.

The course consists of three modules, with a duration of eight hours and a certificate with curriculum value issued by the Foundation for Higher Education Institutions (FESE).

For more information about Santander Scholarships 2022, click on this link.

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