Samata has announced a scholarship to the Center for Monitoring Violence Against Women

The training scholarships announced by the Ministry of Equality at the State Monitoring Center for Violence against Women for the academic year 2022-2023 are already in the Official State Gazette (BOE). Total in this version Six helps. The main purpose is to contribute to the training on the promotion of equal treatment between men and women. Also to eliminate various forms of violence against women due to gender.

The duration of this scholarship will be maximum 12 monthsFrom August 2022 and until August 15, 2023. Also, on the basis of this call, all scholarships can be extended for a maximum of 12 months.

In the case of financial grants, each scholarship will be consistent with an allocation 1,050 gross monthly, plus a single allocation of 600 euros Annual total for expenses associated with the scholarship.

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Access requirements

Any other member state of the European Union needs to have Spanish nationality to be able to access it. Similarly, applicants must complete their studies in 2019 or later and have the required bachelor’s degree for each scholarship or, where appropriate, a supplementary certificate of degree.

Among the required qualifications, the following are different: Criminology, Law, Political Science, Journalism or Business Administration, among others.

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Scholarships are intended for unemployed people to enjoy scholarships while enrolling them.

Candidates’ academic record, required specific training and language knowledge will be taken into consideration in the application evaluation process.

There are those who are interested in participating in this call Until April 12, 2022 To send your request through the website of the State Observatory for Violence against Women.

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