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The Society of PR Agencies (GPRA) seeks to support communication students financially and ethically. The association has announced three 10,000 euro scholarships for the 2022/23 winter semester.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students can now apply for a GPRA Scholarship at The last date for submission of application documents is 15th May. The three scholarship holders are then selected through a multi-stage process.

Financial assistance is 10,000 euros per scholarship, non-material support consists of a support and mentoring program for GPRA member organizations. Students are assigned a mentor who is expected to support them in their professional as well as social skills. In addition to GPRA as an association, the member organizations Fisher-Applet, Flushman-Hillard, K16, Q4U and Segmenta each jointly sponsor one of the scholarships.

The selection committee consists of representatives from the GPRA Executive Committee and the Group of Sponsors, Catherine Hassenstein (Media University, Stuttgart) and Ulrich Schuhmann (Schumann Personalbertung).
According to GPRA, the goal of student support is to develop youth communication as a profession and to strengthen social responsibility through communication activities.

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