Outraged student and university president explains through “Al-Nahar” … LAU decides to pay installments in fresh dollars and allocates scholarships

The decision by Lebanese American University (LAU) sparked an uproar following the country’s decision to accept the dollar and mattress installments starting from the fall semester of the 2022 economic and financial crisis that the country is going through. , With the next academic year.

Large numbers of students have voiced their objections and monitored their families’ inability to secure new dollar premiums, especially with the growing burden on Lebanon’s business community as a result of the economic crisis.

And the students’ tongues ask: “Where will my family get the money to secure my premium? The education space in Lebanon is shrinking. They say we get a good job in Lebanon to get a good job or a decent opportunity. Immigration, so to speak.” Even a good education will not be within our reach now. ” Everyone knows the situation and the problems at the Lebanese university, if we want to talk about alternatives … ”

Commenting on the reasons and motives behind the decision, Professor Michel Mowad, president of the Lebanese American University, told Al-Nahar that the reasons for the decision were the lack of a university. , Since its cost has risen from থেকে 75 to শতাংশ 80 per cent, “especially what you buy from abroad, because most services for libraries, computers, laboratory equipment, etc., are imported, even for most fresh dollars bought from Lebanon.

After the university’s huge deficit due to the financial crisis, Moad insisted that “it is not possible to continue to receive installments in pounds at the price of 1500 or 3900 pounds and we are compelled to take this step to ensure the continuity of the university.”

According to Moad, if the premium is converted into dollars, the big losses will remain in the university budget, but nonetheless, “in light of the loss of many professors, doctors and staff, we need to ensure a good level of education, so we are forced to enter some new dollars to fill the deficit.” ”

According to Mauwada, the university has allocated 100 100 million, an amount requested by the board of trustees, to help students who are unable to pay tuition fees, including new tuition, pay their scholarships. The administration has asked interested students to apply for scholarships to help them continue their studies, “since it is not in our interest or in any way for students to leave the university, and we want to keep them in their positions.”

Therefore, all students who apply for the grant will pay an average of about 40 percent in installment dollars according to their financial ability, and according to each student’s file the discount percentage may reach higher, but those who are more capable than others, the scholarship value will be lower. .

But as a transitional stage, was it not possible to divide one installment into lira and the other into dollars? “The value of the dollar is likely to rise further, and thus it will be more difficult for people to be protected, and the university is not a money exchanger and wants continuity, not profit goals,” Moad said.

In this context, dozens of university students protested on the university campus in Beirut yesterday, refusing to pay in dollar installments, threatening to boycott lessons and exams if the university administration did not change its decision. Will the student movement object to the amendment of this decision of the university?

According to Moad, “this decision is final and not subject to change.” He says he met with a large group of students today and explained to them the reality that the university is going through To do so would be to close classes, or to dismiss professors, or to close libraries, and that is out of the question, because the university is interested in securing all the necessary services. ”

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