New Arab school … next school year

A responsible source for Al-Rai:
– The last school building approved by the Ministry for use in Arab education was in 2015
Investment in the Arab system needs to be facilitated through auctions
– 179 Arab schools in Kuwait alone compared to 409 foreigners

To meet the expected student concentration in the future, a responsible educational source told Al-Rai that the next academic year 2022-2023 will witness the opening of some new Arab schools in several regions by the General Administration of Private Education. It concludes by issuing administrative licenses to their owners to invest in the Arab education system. Work is underway to meet with them, to determine the number of schools and the services they provide at all educational levels.

The source stressed that “the current situation in Arab schools is quite good, with a large number of Bidun students dropping out of public schools, but some schools have a slight concentration, a fact inherited from last year,” noting that “after the registration period lasts” In the new academic year, we will request the statistics of each school from the student, education and administrative bodies and action will be taken in each school accordingly. ”

Al-Rai reported on his issue last Friday

He explained that “the Ministry of Education has forced new school owners to invest in the Arab education system, which has shown a great reluctance in the last 10 years, although it has not provided any government building to any investor since 2015. This type of education, although it Support and encourage investment in the Arab system, which is significantly declining compared to foreign systems and bilingual schools, through annual auctions held with the participation of all companies and educational institutions.

The source said that “the General Administration of Private Education has rejected the transfer requests submitted by some private school owners to convert their school licenses to foreign systems, as the number of Arab schools in all regions is not more than 179, while the number of foreign schools is about 409.” Distributed to all regions. ” And in the province. “

Also, the General Administration of Special Education has set the conditions for the transfer of students between Arab and foreign schools, emphasizing that “it occurs in schools without the need to refer to the administration except in cases of transfer from foreign systems.” To manage the equality of certificates. ” Secondary and Intermediate Schools and Final Certificates of Primary. An educational source confirmed to Al-Rai that the commitment of private schools on transfer dates will achieve educational stability and order in the educational process, and accordingly each school will determine its student density and maximum absorption capacity. Avoid interruptions. Unorganized random transfers.

Terms of transfer between Arab and foreign schools:

1 – Approval of Student Record Program for Student Transfer and Certificate Receipt.

2 – It is prohibited to transfer a student enrolled in a school other than an official approved transfer certificate, and the submission of the latest educational certificate from the school to which he is enrolled.

3 – Opening a new file for a student transferred from one school to another is prohibited, and his file is requested from his previous school in accordance with the effective procedure of the Ministry of Education, where the student affairs officer of the school carries. It is not the parent’s sole responsibility to follow up on the student’s file transfer by post.

4 – Deadline for transfer between the Department of Science and Literature and vice versa, with the end of the second week of the first semester of the eleventh grade.

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