Narmin, the youngest Egyptian inventor, helps the blind and gives hope to kidney patients .. Video

“My ambitions are boundless, and I am like Ahmed Zawail, and I respect Egypt in front of the whole world.” With these spontaneous words, the vision of Narmin Nasrkhilil, a young researcher who specializes in scientific research, can nevertheless be summed up as a young age, not more than 22 years.

In the center of Delta, especially in the village of Sidi Okba, which is connected to the Mahmudia Center in Behera, the creativity of the little researcher was introduced, the most important of which was an electronic application to help the blind in photography, as well as his research to treat cancer and kidney patients with medicinal herbs.

Seventh Day Lens observes various innovations of Lake Daughter in live broadcasts on its electronic platform.

Narmin Nasser said his passion for science and mathematics began at an early age, and despite not joining the science faculty, he was not disappointed and received a scholarship to the American University of Mining Chemistry in coordination with the University of Morocco and surpassed his peers in science.

He added that his most important technological innovation was to implement an audio selfie application for the blind called “Easy Selfie”, which has reached one million views, with the aim of helping visually impaired people to communicate with others, especially their families. In addition to her research on herbs and treatments for many diseases such as cancer and kidney failure.

The young researcher explained that his life’s desire was to get a scholarship to Jewell University because the great scientist was the role model of his life.

“I want to be Dr. Ahmed Zawail, the pious son of Buhaira, who has honored Egypt in all international forums and contributed immensely to the progress of humanity.”

Narmin Nasser called on the Ministry of Scientific Research to support his research and support to see the light and apply it to the soil.

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