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Registration of its beneficiaries Scholarships are awarded For high-end athletes, 63% has been deducted in two years.

According to the list of FODEPAR’s Fellows – Available on the National Transparency Platform – In 2020, there were a total of 279 benefiting athletesStill, By 2022, that number has dropped to 103According to the distribution of documents ThisThrough the Liaison Unit of the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sport (Conde), Through Request with folio 330008522000004.

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However, the federal agency said The amount received by athletes at present is not disclosedDespite the request of this newspaper which was extended in the first three months of 2022.

Paula Espinosa (diving), Evan Garcia (diving), Maria del Rosario Espinoza (taekwondo) and Briseida Acosta (taekwondo) are out of the register, given the bad results of the current Olympic cycle. No encouragement from them to the margins.

“It simply came to our notice then Look at me to verify where the resource should end up And I can’t give a scholarship to Continentalo, “said Anna Gabriella Guevara, head of CONED, in an interview with journalist Antonio de Valdez’s YouTube channel.

“Friends, Godfathers, Godmothers, Compaders can no longer be given scholarships. It can’t be anymore. So it has become difficult, “he added in September 2021 after the debate Tokyo OlympicsWhen the last adjustment was made where not only the number of professional athletes was less, but also the money they received from that time, To earn 30,000 pesos a month, some were reduced to 6,000.

According to Guevara, everything is based on the outcome of the game: Those who supported them are in the top 10 with between 21,000 and 17,000 pesos. It’s not that they didn’t want to give scholarships, but it’s rearrangements, “he added.

The new criteria that athletes ask Finish in the top 16 at the World Championships and Olympic Games Hold a scholarship.

Registration of Beneficiaries of Physical Culture and Sports Program for FY 2022 It has been thought by 103 athletes; Diving is a discipline that has a total of 14 scholarship athletes; The list includes Olympic medalists Gabriela Agundez and Alejandra Orozko. This is followed by Athletics, where 10 athletes receive financial support

One of the most popular sports is taekwondo. Looking ahead to the Tokyo Olympics, there were 23 Taekwondo Scholarship holders and only two for the current fiscal year: Renেনে Lizarraga and Leslie Escort singles.

Lack of results Carlos Sansaros and Briseda Acosta at Tokyo 2020 Prevents them from keeping scholarships. Or the triple Olympic medalist, Maria del Rosario Espinoza, will not be present this fiscal year, as she was unable to attend last year’s Summer Fair after falling out with Acosta Balarejo in a qualifying match.

Diving, another sport that won medals for Mexico, There was also a significant decline as they went from 20 scholarship holders to 14; Where today there are only six archers. Three disciplines have yielded significant results at the international level.

Yes there is a budget

Anna Guevara, during an event in Guadalajara on March 24, stressed that Scholarships are based on international rankings and results “Since the trust was dropped and it was during the Olympic year, we pulled it out a few months ago that the new operating rules were approved and we are still going to give it a polish.”

“What we’re looking for is a bigger commitment, That would be a larger delivery because the scholarship is not a supportThis is an economic stimulus for which it has consequences, I believe it has been misinterpreted by some media outlets that have tried to intensify the decision to reduce scholarships, but trust no longer exists, standards have changed and now there is a greater demand because we Authorities are on high alert for the proper use of resources. “

He added that scholarships are not a budget issue. “It is a matter of discipline and correction as a result of the elimination of FODEPAR. That’s enough, there’s support … What we’ve seen is that some athletes double their scholarships because they get a state scholarship and they get a federal scholarship, so they take away opportunities from those who are growing up or wanting to be in that position, we What has changed, “he concluded.

Will have to wait for new amount

National Commission for Physical Culture and Sport It does not yet provide details on the amount of the new scholarship For athletes and high performance athletes.

Once the Summer and Winter Olympic cycles are over, The technical committee is responsible for determining the quantity as per the operating rules The stimulus announced in January of this year through the official gazette of the Federation.

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The record is still there Not uploaded to the National Transparency Platform Until the end of this version.

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