More than 13,000 young people from across the country have applied for the 2022 SNJ Scholarship

Asuncion, IP Agency. More than 13,000 young people responded to the National Youth Secretariat’s call for access to degrees and technical scholarships, which the organization provides each year. Minister Edgar Coleman highlighted the number of applicants who show confidence in the SNJ.

On Thursday, the minister said, “The number of young people who have submitted their applications shows confidence in the National Youth Secretariat.

He argued that the institution under his charge, through this call, wants to give more opportunities to the youth by placing bets on the growth of low-income university students. He assured that they would continue a transparent selection process from SNJ.

The National Secretariat for Youth has about 5,000 scholarships for undergraduate and technical studies. The annual amount distributed is G. 2,000,000, to be paid in eight installments

Applications were submitted to each governorate and some municipal youth secretariats that worked closely with the SNJ.

Scholarship requirements and contract signing schedule

Scholarships are aimed at young university students in various parts of the Paraguay region, ranging in age from 18 to 30 years and those with limited resources.

The renewed pay will be announced on May 6 for university students, who have previously received state aid, according to the calendar subject to change. There are 3,891 students who will renew this scholarship.

From May 16, agreements will be signed with this group of students at each governorate headquarters. The date of each divisional capital will be announced later.

On the same day, SNJ will proceed to revoke the documentation of those young people who will be accessing the scholarship for the first time, so that the contract can be signed from June 6.

For more information contact (021) 206170, and WhatsApp only (0962) 444555.

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