Ministry Scholarship | MEC Scholarship 2022-23: How to apply

Deadline for application Scholarship from the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training For the academic year 2022-2023 It is already open. Until May 12 (Co) students Post compulsory study The MEC can apply for scholarships, which cover students with university education, FP, undergraduate, language, and special needs. Is For the first time in history Call advanced that Four monthsSo they were made Several changes Compared to last year.

It is essential to send the request within this period Although the studies are not clear Which will be taken in the next course, so it will be done as an adaptation. Inside Some information may change in September. That is, the application already submitted for complaint or correction is mentioned above Academic informationCorporate Accommodation information Or Account number. Still, They will not be able to Submit a new application or change data with economic significance (such as family unit) unless they acknowledge the complaint.

Remember if committed Something went wrong The application has already been submitted and the term is still open, A new request may be sent And only the latter will be considered. As for the questions in the form, there are no major changes compared to the previous versions This is then explained How to apply for MEC Scholarship in three steps Post for compulsory study.

Step 1 – Register on the Ministry website

Yes, that’s it For the first time To apply for one of these scholarships, you must Register at the Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of EducationSection “If you are not registered, registerনী Below the username and password fields Students will register with their personal information and the user will be their DNI / NIE.

This account will already be used to make any kind of request to the electronic office, so it is important to remember. Moreover scholarship Is requested every yearThey do not renew automatically.

Once inside the headquarters, a button called will appear at the top “Method access”, But first you have to check that “2022-2023 Post General Compulsory Scholarship for Compulsory Level Students ”. There are students who confuse the call and can deny such errors scholarship.

Step 2 – Fill out the form

Before starting to fill out the application, it is recommended There is a series of documents in hand Whose data must be given. First, r DNI / NIE of family membersAnd Bank account number (Applicant must be owner or co-owner). Depending on Demand and features For each individual, the following should be considered:

Information from Large family Is People with disabilitiesIts rental agreement Home During the course (they will require DNI / NIE of the landlord and tenant), details of the house and employer in case of declaration Family and financially independentAnd data from Income abroad. In addition, if there are any family members in the unit Self-employed or business ownerIt should know the percentage of participation, the NIF / CIF of the company and the amount of “total” income received in 2020.

Will be in the application To fill three sheets (Every five minutes), so you go there Save progress With the button displayed at the top. If the session expires but the progress is saved as a draft, You can continue later.

The first sheet consists of Personal documentation Of the applicant, his Family home Y. Bank data And cheap. Focus on the second sheet Family unit members. If this first scholarship is requested, each family member must add their relevant information (DNI, employment …). If this is not the first time data will be saved, it is important to check that they are correct or that something has changed. Third and last sheet cover Institutional training Both the last course taken and the next one. Just like that Accommodation where you live Students if it is not like family.

Step 3 – Sign and submit the application

When the form is complete, the button.Sign and submit the applicationA If not clicked, the request will remain as a draft and will not be sent.

Finally, you can download one Evidence of presentation. It is recommended to review and save the copy to your computer. Subsequently, there is no need to present any additional document if it is not In exceptional casesAs indicated in the receipt.

The Processing and monitoring Scholarships will start one day after the application deadline (May 12). Usually, this process is permanent A few months. To check Scholarship statusYou need to go to “My File” within the electronic office, or identify the application process and access it.

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