ILS offers 50 scholarships to refugee helpers

Hamburg (OTS) – True to the “We Help Helpers” principle, Germany’s largest distance learning school, ILS in Hamburg, is currently providing free training to people who, among other things, support people fleeing Ukraine.

ILS will provide 50 scholarships for “Refugee and Integration Helper (” for a distance education course for those involved with refugees by the end of May 2022. The reason for this scholarship campaign is a very special one: the Clate Group, with which ILS is affiliated, is celebrating its 125th anniversary. And like Clay, ILS, as a long-term market leader in distance learning, stands for sustainable education. This online training also provides a wide range of basic knowledge and thus supports all those who are currently making such an important contribution to the integration of newcomers.

“All the helpers in our country deserve not only the highest honors but also the strongest support,” said Ingo Kirsten, managing director of ILS. “As an educational organization, we provide assistance in the most appropriate way for us: we provide helpers know-how so that they are better able to cope with the various tasks of refugee assistance.”

The “Refugee and Integration Helper” course was created in collaboration with volunteer supporters and experienced refugee assistance experts. The information, examples, and tips in the study document come directly from practice – including self-care training. There is a risk of being overwhelmed when working with refugees, for example. So, this course is not only about how to help other people professionally, but also about the methods and skills that helpers can keep an eye on their own strengths and needs.

Free time allotment training can be done at your own pace. The standard duration of the study is 6 months, each free to work quickly on the modules. Participants receive feedback from distant teachers with experience of refugee assistance and can network and exchange ideas with like-minded people at the online study center.

Interested parties can register for the scholarship by the end of May 2022 to complete the free “Refugee and Integration Assistant” distance education course. The only condition for participation is that when you register online, you briefly state where and how you are currently assisting refugees. Scholarships are awarded to volunteers as well as individuals employed by an organization in the field of refugee assistance.

Anyone interested can find information about the scholarship at (

About ILS

ILS is part of the Stuttgart Clate Group, which has become one of the leading educational institutions in Europe since its founding in 1897. The ILS in Hamburg is not only Germany’s largest, but also Germany’s most famous distance learning school (forsa 2022). Each year, about 80,000 people prepare for more than 350 state-approved distance education courses for state, public law or institute-internal degrees at ILS. Companies like Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn rely on ILS distance learning courses to further train their employees. The Federal Foreign Office has also commissioned the ILS to look after German children abroad through distance education.

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