Enrollment for the Aggressor Scholarship has been extended to April 20

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In dialogue with FM 89.3 Mission Santa MariaUnder Secretary, Ministry of Education, Sky LinaresCommented that the decision to extend the date was made because the time between start and end was too short, “There were 15 days of registration via the web and everything, except that there is already a training and a certain familiarity with the platform environment, these still have space with a certain complexity when applying, which is why we took some time for the extension.”

The Aggressor Scholarship will allocate $ 6,400 per month to these students. This facility is processed quarterly and will be renewable up to two quarters depending on the outstanding issues. To sign up, The income of the youth or their family must be three minimum important and not more than the mobile salary and they should be between 18 to 24 years of age at the time of applying for the scholarship.

In addition, Linares commented that “Importantly, the program has two components, an educational one related to the host school, a training offer, an academic path for these young people to graduate from their high school and a social component that helps them. Scholarships While this is an amount that may be insufficient for some, it helps them to pass this academic journey that we want them to be able to complete. “

“Always the best option is to apply, register, fill out the form. Then there is an assessment that goes through all the systems ”which verifies whether the applicants meet all the requirements. “For example Last Friday we had 970 young people registered, of whom 930 were eligible for scholarships after passing the first filter.Linares comments.

Under Secretary of Education team will answer questions on registration operations and social networks in different places. It should be noted that when the call started, there were numerous searches for registration to complete the compulsory education cycle in the province.

Once inside, they must take two-quarters of the curriculum at a host school that works with the program. There will be face-to-face classes with examples of their autonomous work and, after passing, transcripts and secondary degrees will be issued by the original secondary school.

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