Due to high demand: Ukraine’s assistance to scientists is increasing

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Due to high demand: Ukraine’s assistance to scientists is increasing

Until April 5, 2022, German universities and research institutes may apply for funding to enable researchers fleeing Ukraine to continue their work. Due to high demand since the 4th March program began, the Foundation has increased its budget to a total of 5 7.5 million for financing.

Just eight days after Russian troops invaded Ukraine, the Volkswagen Foundation made an emergency aid offer. The aim is to provide a perspective in Germany to researchers fleeing Ukraine – with a monthly grant of EUR 1,700 (for doctoral candidates) or EUR 2,300 (for doctoral candidates) and a monthly family allowance of EUR 500.

“Just 25 days after its inception, the foundation has already received 127 applications for 150 scholarships. In light of the catastrophic situation for the people of Ukraine, the Board of Trustees has approved an increase in the next budget so that we can offer more.” It will not be enough to get even closer to the need. However, we hope that we have set an example with our intensive help and the other major sponsors will be active now, “he explained. Dr. George Schutz, Volkswagen Foundation Secretary General.

Scientists from German universities and research institutes are invited to apply to Ukrainian partners who have fled to Germany with jobs in their working groups or their institutes. Applications must be submitted jointly by the university administration and the host researchers.

All details about the application on our website: https://www.volkswagenstiftung.de/gastforschungprogramm-ukraine

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You can find more information about the Volkswagen Foundation at https://www.volkswagenstiftung.de/stiftung/wir-ueber-uns.

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