Doctor shortage in Bergenland – Medical grant: Study “free”, practice here

If state politics had their way, the shortage of doctors, which had in fact been circulating throughout Austria for years, would no longer be a problem in Bergenland in the future. A huge expansion of collaboration with Donau Private University (DPU) in Crimson should make this possible (see below).

Studying at Pinkafeld

And: You will also be able to study medicine at Pinkafeld in the future, as DPU will build a position closer to the University of Applied Sciences in the next three years. 360 doctors will be in training or start their practice in the country by 2027.

“If the taxpayer finances a medical degree, you have the right to make doctors available in your country,” explained Governor Hans Peter Doscozil, explaining that he believes the federal government is doing something wrong. Bergenland answers with a new model. No one can wait until the federal government is active, especially in the private sector, in the face of a whirlwind wave of retirement. But can the scholarship model reliably cover each subject area? This cannot be answered at this time, as specialties often appear only during training.

However, there is appreciation for the initiative in hospitals: KRAGES bosses Hubert Isle and Robert Mauer see a lasting protection from the Merciful Brothers Hospital. For Brigitte Steinger, vice-president of the Medical Association and chair of Curia, this is a solution to long-term problems – but little will change in the short term. The only thing that will help “make the position more attractive”, he said, is a theme in the doctors’ election campaign: He started earning more than 1,000 euros a year. “

Doskozil, on the other hand, sees pay negotiations as a factor in the chamber’s election campaign, and they did not want to be involved in the debate over on-call services over the weekend. Incidentally, a solution will also be presented soon, but not with the chamber, but with ÖGK.

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