Conade has eliminated more than half of the high-performance athletes who have benefited from the scholarship

MEXICO CITY – A total of 279 athletes benefited in 2020, according to a list of FODEPAR scholarship holders found on the National Transparency Platform, but by 2022 that number has dropped to 103, according to documents provided by the ESTO, the National Commission for Physical Education. By request (including folio 330008522000004) through the liaison unit of Sports (COND).

However, despite the newspaper’s request for an extension in the first three months of 2022, the federal agency has not yet released the amount received by athletes.

According to the sports newspaper ESTO, names such as Paula Espinosa (diving), Evan Garcia (diving), Maria del Rosario Espinoza (taekwondo) and Briseida Acosta (taekwondo) have dropped out of the current registration, since the results of the last Olympic govt. Combined with the parameters, margins them from receiving any stimulus.

In an interview with journalist Antonio de Valdez’s YouTube channel, Condডে chief Anna Gabriela Guevara said, “Federal authorities are watching me to see if the resources end up where they should end up, and I can’t give Canttillo a scholarship.”

“Friends, Godfathers, Godmothers, Compaders can no longer be given scholarships. It can’t be anymore. So it was tough, “he said, adding that after the Tokyo Olympics in September 2021, when the last adjustment was made, not only were the number of scholarship athletes less, but also the money they earned. 30,000 pesos a month, some have been reduced to 6,000.

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According to Guevara, everything is based on the outcome of the game: Those who supported them are in the top 10 with between 21,000 and 17,000 pesos. It’s not that they didn’t want to give scholarships, but it’s rearrangements, “he added.

The World Championships and Olympics must finish in the top 16 in order for athletes to retain scholarships under the new criteria.

The Fiscal 2022 Physical Culture and Sports Program’s Beneficiary Register includes 103 athletes; Diving is a discipline that has a total of 14 scholarship athletes; The list includes Olympic medalists Gabriela Agundez and Alejandra Orozko. This is followed by Athletics, where 10 athletes receive financial support

One of the most popular sports is taekwondo. Looking ahead to the Tokyo Olympics, there were 23 taekwondo scholarship holders and only two for the current fiscal year: Renেনে Lizarraga and Leslie Eccaret Soltero.



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