Call: There are 15 scholarships for the postgraduate degree in Public Health for Indigenous and Aphrodite

Selected individuals will begin classes at the Universidad de los Andes in the second semester of 2022.  Photo: @Manosvisibles Instagram
Selected individuals will begin classes at the Universidad de los Andes in the second semester of 2022. Photo: @Manosvisibles Instagram

The 2022 Ethnic Power in Public Health Call will remain open until April 25, offering 15 scholarships to complete a postgraduate degree in public health at the Universidad de los Andes in the second semester of this year.

The initiative targets professionals in any field who identify themselves as Indigenous or Afro-Colombian, between the ages of 25 and 30, and interested in learning and developing public health policy.

After reviewing and fulfilling the requirements indicated on the Manas Visible page, interested persons must prepare an offer to participate in the program and write a letter of motivation, as well as Registration Form.

Those interested will have to settle in the city of Bogota. The program will last for two years.

The requirements to apply for this call are:

Demonstrate and support specific professional experience and / or interest in public health.

Availability of time to study the program.

There is availability and funding for travel or settlement in the city of Bogota during the training cycle. Manos Visibles will not cover travel expenses, accommodation, or expenses incurred during program development.

It is very important to use English as a second language.

“Those who meet the requirements and submit a duly filled form and a strong offer will be contacted for a telephone or virtual interview. Following this, those who show interest, professional career and strong leadership will be selected, ”explained Manas Visibles Corporation. The pre-selection process for the call will take place in May.

Also, it is necessary to make a proposal to apply for a text in a text of maximum 300 words where a research problem that the student is interested in developing during the postgraduate degree should be indicated. Instructions for writing the article can be found Here.

Finally, selected individuals must complete the registration process at Universidad de los Andes to begin classes in the Master of Public Health program in the second semester of 2022.

The Postgraduate Degree in Public Health at Universidad de los Andes is an academic program of 44 credits with a duration of two years, where training experience is built on skills that allow students to practice both professionally. Consulting and research.

It is a non-profit organization that promotes and connects region leaders in exclusion situations, creates ecosystems that transform regions and promotes inclusion.

This company has created an intervention model that companies such as Weighed in at the World Economic Forum 2018, or the Global Fairness Initiative that awarded them the Fairness Award 2019.

According to Manos Visibles, their work stems from the fact that “Colombia is one of the most unequal countries on the continent, with the highest percentage of Afro-Indigenous and Indigenous peoples not only having the highest rates of poverty and exclusion, but also the most vulnerable to violence.”

The organization, therefore, “works for and for the region, with the emergence of regional talent and leadership that benefits a more just and equitable society, allowing Colombia to make a real leap forward in its development.”

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