Cairo American University offers 15 scholarships for high school students

The American University of Cairo has announced that it will offer 15 zero full and partial scholarships for outstanding high school students in the fall of 2021, explaining that the main goal of this scholarship is to provide opportunities for academically advanced students who cannot afford it. A university education is for receiving a high-quality education that enables them to make a difference. Egypt and the world are positive for their future.

Magda Fayek, Executive Director of Student Finance and Scholarships, said: “Scholarships at AUC are primarily about opening up opportunities and creating opportunities for gifted students.

The American University said in a statement that providing scholarships to outstanding students in need of financial assistance is a top priority for American universities in Cairo.

It is noteworthy that approximately 40.2 percent of students receive financial assistance from the university in the form of full or partial scholarship or financial assistance for expenses and the university offers more than 118 scholarships for graduate students supported by individuals or companies.

As a result of the 2020 semester, more than 570 students were awarded full and partial scholarships, and more than 1,730 students received financial aid.

One of the most successful scholarship programs at AUC is the public school scholarship, partly supported by the participation of companies and individuals, which will reward 30 public school students for going to university this year. American 8 in Cairo

Since the scholarship was established in 1990, more than 340 male and female students have graduated from various Egyptian governorates such as Cairo, Fayoum, Zagazig, Beni Suef, Shebin El-Kom and others, and 77 percent of them have shown remarkable excellence. , Where they have earned respect and the highest respect. Applicants must be Egyptian students with a high school diploma and graduate from a public or experimental school, STEM school (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) or blue school. It also requires that students have an outstanding academic record, are financially incapable of bearing university fees and may meet university admission requirements.

The scholarships offered by USAID and American University in Cairo are also excellent opportunities for public school students from various Egyptian governorates who have outstanding academic qualifications and are unable to afford university fees. Eligible candidates for this scholarship will be selected from among the applicants. For Egyptian Public School Scholarships.

This is in addition to the Liberal Arts Scholarship, through which the university offers 20 scholarships to cover all or part of the expenses for the study of humanities and social sciences (10 of these students are included in the scholarship for public school high school students).

The American University of Cairo also offers excellent opportunities for students in Upper Egypt through the Tamkin Scholarship, where the university offers youth empowerment scholarships to 5 distinguished students who have achieved high school from 5 governorates in Upper Egypt, such as Assut, Beni Suef, Minia. , Sohag and Fayum with full or partial coverage for all study costs from public and private schools.

Although it provides full annual scholarships to graduates of public and private secondary schools in eight governorates of Upper Egypt, such as Aseut, Beni Suef, Minia, Sohag, Fayum, Kena, Luxor, and Aswan, to pursue a bachelor’s degree in economics in the United States. University in Cairo.

The Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtu Scholarship provides full support to Egyptian students from the Egyptian suburbs. Selection depends on the student’s academic excellence and inability to bear the cost of study.

Other scholarships include the Mohammed bin Abdul Karim bin Ali Al-Luhaidan Scholarship and the Scientific Research Fund grant that provides university scholarships for outstanding students who are unable to afford to study in basic sciences such as mathematics, engineering, and physics. , Chemistry, biology, energy, oil, water, environment, economy and development.

Umania Abdullah Bakhsh, a 98-year-old graduate, fully supports a student in any field of engineering, as the selection also depends on the student’s academic excellence and inability to afford tuition.

For the Wadi Degla Scholarship for Student Athletics, it fully supports an Egyptian student who demonstrates outstanding academic excellence in high school and has an outstanding record locally or internationally in one of the following sports: football, squash, basketball, swimming, or track and field. In addition to the University Graduate Scholarship which was established in 1983 in Cairo to provide partial support to the children of Egyptian and Arab graduates of the American University. The choice also depends on the student’s academic excellence and inability to afford it. Study.

The Hasna Rashid Partial Scholarship provides partial support for tuition fees and fees for two Egyptian students (male and female) specializing in any subject and the student must prove sufficient qualifications and financial requirements to qualify for the scholarship.

Cairo American University is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, multicultural, multidisciplinary university that provides equal opportunities for all students and is recognized in Egypt and the United States, and all its study programs are recognized by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities and Accreditation Institutions.

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