Benito Juarez Scholarship: What will be the next payment amount and who will be the beneficiary

Now that the mandate revocation proposal has ended, for which there was an election ban, the normal payment of Benito Juarez Scholarships will resume, so beneficiaries will have to pay attention to their deposits, but how much and who will be the beneficiaries?

National Coordinator of Benito Juarez Welfare Scholarship (CNBBBJ) Abraham Vazquez Piseno reported earlier this year that some two-month deadlines would be brought forward so that there would be no interference and people could make their own decisions, however, this democratic practice is already over. Here we tell you how much and when the next payment will be.

Benito Juarez Scholarship: Basic Education Wellness for Families

The third two-month period, from May-June, the third week of July, will be given to those who receive assistance on the respective cards, and to those who receive it in person at the end of that month. The Benito Juarez Scholarship will be 1,680 pesos.

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The Latest support issues According to the Ministry of Welfare, this will be done jointly from the second and third week of November to the two months of September-October and November-December.

Benito Juarez Scholarship: Benito Juarez Universal Scholarship for Higher Education

Bimaster will be offered from the third of June and July. The amount paid will be 1,680 pesos. The Two semesters of the yearSeptember-October and November-December, which corresponds to three thousand 360 pesos.

Benito Juarez Scholarships: Youth Writing the Future Scholarship

An amount for a period of two months in June-July Four thousand 900 pesos, It will be delivered to the scholarship holders from the third and fourth week of July. The The bi-monthly period is September-October and November-December They will be delivered together from the second and third week of November. It will help nine thousand 600 pesos.

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