Benito Juarez Scholarship: What is the next payment after 2022 and when will it be charged?

The Ministry of Welfare has already announced this Date and quantity In this note we will tell you that all the beneficiaries of Benito Juarez Welfare Scholarship will be paid after 2022. All you need to know about providing this financial assistance So that you can collect your money without any accident or any other irregularity.

According to Official payment schedule for the Benito Juarez ScholarshipSo far, the payment is similar to the two-month period January-February and March-April For privileged students who are studying certain grades General education, When students Higher secondary and higher education Of bimesters February-March and April-May.

When do you make the next payment?

In the case of students who are the beneficiaries Benito Juarez Welfare Scholarship for Basic Education, They will receive their next from The third week of JulyThe payment amount will be total Thousand 680 pesos And will cover the May-June bimaster.

For beneficiaries of the Benito Juarez Universal Scholarship for Higher Secondary Education Welfare Program, delivery of the next payment will cover a two-month period from June to July and they will receive a total. Thousand 680 pesos From In the third week of July.

In conclusion, the Ministry of Welfare stated that the beneficiaries Benito Juarez Higher Education Welfare Scholarship Program Payments related to the June-July bimaster will be accepted The third week of July And in that time they will get total 4,900 pesos.

In those months no payment will be made

Recipients of the Benito Juarez Scholarship are reminded This financial aid is delivered only during the school yearThat is, a vacation period of only 10 months is not considered.

Beneficiaries in this sense Benito Juarez Welfare Scholarship for Basic Education Do not receive this support within months July and AugustWhen in the case of beneficiaries Higher secondary and higher education Don’t get support in a month AugustRemember that They did not receive it in January.

Securely accept your money

The Ministry of Welfare provides this financial assistance through bank deposits or field operations, however, in any case, it is recommended Collect money by a trusted person To avoid any kind of accident, it is also to be remembered that the goal of this program is to prevent school dropouts due to lack of financial opportunities, so it is recommended that the money from this scholarship be used for the academic training of the beneficiaries.

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