Bamberg – Munich Artist House Villa Concordia Scholarship 2022

Franco-German friendship could grow: 13 artists from both countries – seven from Germany and six from France – will receive an effective grant from the Free State for the International Artist House Villa Concordia in Bamberg this year. From the field of fine arts, Garrison Arcadias, Andreas Choatal, Expected Barbara Herald and Melissa Mayer Galbraith. In literature, translators Barbara Fontaine and Patricia Klobussky, as well as authors Nina Jacquel, Daniel Schreiber and Geraldine Schwartz were selected. The music will be composed by Carl Christian Bettendorf, Sasha J. Blondeau, Bastian David and musician Andrea Newman. From April, the scholarship holders live and work at the home of the Villa Concordia artists for five to eleven months and receive an additional 1,500 euros per month. In addition to the regularly selected scholarship holders, twelve Ukrainian artists who fled to Germany will receive a special scholarship this year.

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