BAES Juneb Scholarship: What is the current amount of the card and how to get it Economy

The BAES June Scholarship was created in 2004 and so far it has only doubled its balance. The last rearrangement took place 9 years ago, when the amount was set at $ 32,000 per month between March and December. To get it, there is no need to apply. It is automatically granted to students who have some tuition, free or CAE scholarships and who belong to decile 1 to 6 (quintile 1 to 3).

About a week ago, university students marched to demand an increase Food Scholarship for Higher Education (BAES), provided by JunaibFor which the government has promised to carry a work agenda to tackle the problem.

The advantage that works through a card, Made in 2004 And only increase your balance Twice. The amount was last changed In 2013.

What is Junab BAES Scholarship?

The Food Scholarship for Higher Education (BAES) consists of a June grant (National School Aid and Scholarship Board) and managed by Sodexo. Is intended to help Sustainability and graduate support of the most vulnerable students Higher education.

Also called Juneb card, Can be used in food stores and supermarkets. With it, beneficiaries can buy Food productsExcept for alcoholic beverages, sugary liquids and products that are high in saturated fats, fried foods, sugars, etc.

This is an important aspect of the BAES June Scholarship The balance is valid for more than one month. In case of not using the amount within 5 days of releasing the following balance, it is Lost and cannot be recovered.

What is the current amount of BAES Junab Scholarship?

The amount of BAES June Scholarship is 32,000 pesos per month, Which is paid monthly, from March to December. The total number is calculated based on a Costs প্রতিদিন 1,600 per day for 20 days per month (What counts is when a student joins the class).

According to the Junab site, the allocation of BAES varies from year to year Budget availability Is carried through the Ministry of Entity and Education. Despite the aforementioned, the total amount of scholarship 9 years not extended.

Who can get scholarship?

No BAES application is requiredBut it is automatically distributed to students who have some Fee Scholarships, free or credit including state fees (Fall off). In addition, they must belong to decile 1 to 6 (quintile 1 to 3).

For more information on how to benefit from BAES Junab Scholarship Or about the balance of benefits, you can access the site

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