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Salzweidel (DPA / SA) – With young artist Walter Eure, for the second time this year, fresh air is flowing into the homes of Salzweidel artists and professionals. According to the district, after the presentation of the Chinese-German painter on Monday, Yu wants to concentrate on traditional Chinese painting by the end of June. The artist, who was born in Beijing in 1989, wants to use “Spiritual Wandering through the City of Salzwedel” during his three-month stay to capture a “role film”. U lives in Berlin, where he studied at the University of the Arts from 2011 to 2017. He worked as a painter, draftsman, ceramist, photographer, filmmaker and writer.

According to the district, the home of Salzweidel artists and scholarship recipients has been a temporary place of work for hundreds of creative people since 1997. Scholarships of various genres are provided by the state, 1000 euros per month.

So far artists from Germany, USA, China, India, Brazil, France, Taiwan and Austria have been guests at Salzweidel. In the case of literature, music and fine arts there are advertisements. U received an art scholarship. The first quarter of the year is always reserved for an artist from literature.

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