All details, what they are, how they should be requested and requirements

The Ministry of Education And there are a variety of vocational trainings Scholarship Or financial aid for students based on them Income and academic qualifications. Known as one of the most popular MEC Scholarship, Which can also be accessed by teachers Now the settlement of the last call has begun. We explain What are MEC scholarships and how to consult with their resolution. The end March 30th Was open Application submission deadline.

What is MEC Scholarship?

MEC Scholarships, or MEFPOs, are financial aid Enrolled students can apply every year, In this case 2021-22, students of both undergraduate and vocational training, university (undergraduate or postgraduate), official school of language or those who are receiving sports, artistic and religious education. Also Research can fund studies and improve researchersCenter and teacher.

The amount of scholarship varies depending on whether it is a university student and is determined by a medium Specific partSet based on Student income, accommodation, teaching and academic history. Part Variable Depends on one Weight Established between the family income and the average grade of the student.

Requirements to apply for MEC Scholarship

To apply for the MEC Scholarship, the following requirements must be met

There is a Average grade 5 In the previous course, this applies to both students University and non-university.

For variable amount scholarships, at least one 6.5 on average Past course time.

If the purpose is a study to request this help Master’s degreeMust be average mark 7 is equal to or greater.

Students who are accessing courses and preparing for FP, as well as specific training courses for accessing intermediate or higher degree cycles are not eligible for this scholarship.

What are the financial requirements for accessing MEC Scholarship?

The ministry has a table where you can see Corresponding economic threshold In each family unit:

  • 1: 8,422 euros

  • 2 people: 16,632 euros

  • 3 people: 16,843 euros

  • 4 people: 21,054 euros

  • 5 people: 24,423 euros

  • 6 people: 27,791 euros

  • 7 people: 31,160 euros

  • 8 people: 34,529 euros

The selection process

Next we will tell you All details From the MEC Scholarship Selection Process, How to order them Up to this stage of the process, going through the original date.

How to apply for MEC Scholarship?

First you need to register with it Electronic Office of the Ministry of Education.

To qualify for this, you must prove the previous year’s family income. Established thresholds range from 8,422 euros per year 38,832 per family in one year.

MEC scholarships are requested through the Ministry of Education

After that you have to Fill out the form below. Request must be signed, via Electronic officeWill be sent later by the applicant or his legal representative.

The body wants Keep the receipt It shows that the scholarship has been applied for.

When to apply for MEC Scholarship?

From March 30th You can apply for the MEC Scholarship, which expires May 12.

What is the admission deadline for MEC Scholarship?

After 12 MayIn the following days (exact date still unknown) the following stages will open:

  • The first episode (May-July): Processing requests from autonomous communities.
  • July: Determining whether applicants meet financial requirements.
  • August-September: Date of submission of arguments, documents and academic data of the applicants.
  • The second stage (September-October): The second phase of processing begins with the previous year’s academic results:
  • Resolution (October-December): Scholarship recipients will be notified.

Where can I see the results of MEC Scholarship?

Results can be checked My files section, Within the electronic office of the Ministry. To do this, you must first Identify with the user From where the request was made.

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