Afghanistan’s Turkish Knowledge Endowment School opens new horizons for generations

The schools and centers of the Turkish Knowledge Foundation in Afghanistan provide high quality education with the best international standards and at the same time the largest and best private educational institutions in the country.

The Endowment of Knowledge in Afghanistan bears all the costs for the dozens of orphaned students suffering from poor material conditions to ensure a better future for them.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency, some officials from the “Turkish Maarif” school in Afghanistan, as well as a number of orphaned students, spoke about the educational process in their school and the opportunities offered by the endowment.

Endowment schools are spread across 8 Afghan provinces and there are 46 endowment schools in different stages of education from kindergarten, primary, preparatory and secondary in addition to 7 learning centers and 11 student houses.

After the Taliban movement came to power in Afghanistan, three new centers were opened where 6,300 students received their education, 40 percent of whom were girls.

Those who wish to receive a scholarship to the “Turkish Knowledge” school must pass the “MAGİS” entrance exam in order to be accepted into the school.

Scholarships are given to about 100 orphans who cannot afford education, 55 of whom are fully covered by the endowment.

I am very happy to have passed the test

Miriam Nurzai, a 10th grader, is one of the students who passed the school’s entrance exam and is eligible for a full scholarship to the Girls’ High School in Herat State.

Miriam Anadolu told the agency that her father was a truck driver and had died 13 years ago in a clash between the Taliban and Afghan government forces.

And about his knowledge of the school of Turkish Knowledge Endowment, he explained that he went to the school where his aunt worked and there he saw advertisements for admission test and started preparing for the test and passed it successfully, then he applied to join the school. Scholarship received.

He said that he was happy when he got the news of passing the exam and accepting it, because teaching in such a school was a dream for him, noting that Knowledge Endowment bears all the cost of his education and his life has changed since then.

Miriam noted that she had won second place in her class, and about her future ambitions, she expressed a desire to study medicine to serve her people.

Instead, Maryam’s mother, Leela Nurzai, thanked acquaintances for giving her daughter the opportunity to learn for free, as she could not afford to attend such a school.

He expressed his delight to see his daughter move forward to meet his expectations, indicating that he hopes Mary will be able to study in Turkey.

Maryam’s teacher, Fatima Samadi, on the other hand, says she is a hardworking student, and that these orphaned students are specially cared for at Waqf Al-Marif School and provided with specialists to provide them with psychological support.

“I want to study in Turkey”

Turkey is one of the countries where Afghan students prefer to study abroad. Knowledge endowment schools offer these students the opportunity to receive scholarships in Turkey.

Syed Habib Hosseini (18 years old) is a 12th grade student for Herat Secondary School affiliated with Waqf Al Maarif School and he is one of the orphans who received full scholarship.

Husseini told the Anadolu Agency that the school has a strong teaching staff, provides high-quality education and supports outstanding students, noting that the education they receive at the school qualifies them for a better future.

He said he was happy to be offered a full scholarship to the school he had dreamed of joining, indicating that he would like to study computer engineering in the future and pursue a better education in Turkey or another country. And then return to his country to serve his people.

Syed Ahmed Shakib Hossaini, Syed’s elder brother, said his family valued education based on his father’s wishes and they continued their education despite the harsh conditions until they reached the position of a lecturer at a university.

He noted that Maref Endowment Schools enjoys a good position and reputation in Afghanistan, thanking his younger brother for giving him the opportunity to study on a full scholarship.

Orphan students deserve scholarships

For Saleh Sagir, an official with “Turkish Knowledge” in Afghanistan, he said that endowment schools are the largest and best private educational institutions in the country and they have received many requests from parents to open more schools.

Sagir explained that the assistance provided by the endowment for orphans in Afghanistan is worth ,000 100,000 annually, and that they are determined to continue this assistance.

He mentioned that the orphan students who get scholarships in Waqf Al-Maaref School show more skills than other students and their high grades prove that they excel and deserve this scholarship.

The best educational institution in the country

Endowment-affiliated schools are one of the best educational institutions in Afghanistan. The data indicates that students graduating from the “Turkish Knowledge” school get high marks in the entrance exams of Afghan universities and are able to get admission in the largest universities in the country.

Schools are taught in Afghanistan’s two official languages, Dari and Pashto, but chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology are taught in English.

The students of the school also learn Turkish language. Arabic is also taught electively.

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