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Martin Schlecker has starred in well-known SWR television productions such as “Die Fallers” and “Tart”. But his most important role was in the Naturtheater Hayingen (Reutlingen District).

Martin Schlecker died on April 6 at the age of 86, surrounded by his family. He has written dozens of radio plays, screenplays and short stories, won awards and grants, and published two volumes of autobiographical stories. But his heart was attached to the Heinzen Nature Theater in the Reutlingen district, which he pointed out. There he has worked as a director, playwright and actor.

On stage for the last time last summer

Martin Schlecker was last seen on the open stage in Heidelberg last summer. Together with his daughter Eva Schlecker, he sang one of his favorite songs in a duet. Schlecker always had a high standard when he was on stage. According to Eva Schlecker, this evening was special because Schlecker performed again after many days. He noticed when she looked at him and they looked into each other’s eyes that they gave each other security.

Martin Schlecker as conductor (left) (Photo: Eva Schlecker)

Martin Schlecker (left) as a young conductor.

Eva Schlecker

Natural theater has grown

Schlecker became known to a wide range of television viewers through SWR productions: he starred in “Fallers” and “Tart” with Commissioner Bienzel, among others.

But his most important role was in the Nature Theater Heinz. He received it in 1968 from his father, Martin Schlecker Sr. He had previously attended drama school in Stuttgart. According to Eva Schlecker, her father’s beginnings at the Nature Theater were not easy. Older newspaper articles initially said that junior theater was being destroyed. There was a lot of skepticism because he came up with more modern methods and not only did pure entertainment theater, but also included political expressions, according to the daughter. Eventually, however, the Nature Theater became nationally large and well-known with and through Heinzen Schlecker. Schlecker showed how theater can work in the countryside.

Natural theater always comes first for Slacker. He once said:

“Someone else in town can do my job, but here in the country they need me.”

“Natural theater was the work of his life. His great utopia,” says Eva Schlecker. From today’s perspective, her father was a theater teacher and social worker. He visited the home of the Hayengers and encouraged them to play. He put pressure on people to have confidence in themselves and to stand up. He has written introductions for the people of his own town. “He wanted to shake and touch, but never pointed a finger.”

It was difficult for him to give up

It was a long process before Schlecker left the theater, his daughter recalls. It was very painful for him to say goodbye to acting. However, he never asked his four children to take charge of the theater.

“He never held us accountable for what we had to do.”

Nevertheless, Eva Schlecker is now active in natural theater again. Together with Peter Edelberg, he runs the Cultural and Theater Association in Heidelberg and is responsible for theatrical program planning.

The family is connected to the natural theater

Schlecker’s wife, Krista, starred last summer and her daughter and grandchildren painted the set. Schlecker has lived a solitary life in recent years. His wife, Krista, looked after him at home. “He just wanted to grow old in peace and die at home when the time came.”

An oak tree was planted in his honor

According to Eva Schlecker, there will be no classic burial in the cemetery, there will be a cremation. An oak tree will also be planted in his honor on the open stage in Heingen. A place to remember Martin Schlecker.

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