A memorandum of understanding was signed between Law Shams and Marburg German University for cooperation

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The Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), Ain Shams University in Egypt and Philips Marburg University in Germany have signed a tripartite memorandum of understanding for joint cooperation in preserving the cultural and natural heritage of the Islamic world through scientific promotion. A joint academy in the field of heritage preservation and management and technical research and program preparation and implementation, including a master’s program for preserving and digitizing archival heritage, formulation and implementation of heritage programs and scholarships, and capacity building of its staff. The visit came during a visit by ISESCO Director-General Dr. Salem bin Mohammed Al-Malik and his assistant delegation to the headquarters of Cairo’s Law Shams University, where they were received by President Dr. Mahmoud El-Matini. In the presence of the University, the historic Saffron Palace, the headquarters of the University Presidency, the Vice President of the University and the Deans of several faculties.

At the beginning of the visit, the two sides held a meeting in which they discussed the possibility of cooperation between ISESCO and Ain Shams University in a number of areas of common interest, such as space science and its application, scientific chairs and training. Youth in preserving and protecting heritage. On the horizon of 2025, when Dr. El-Matini Ain gave a presentation on Shams University and its most prominent faculties, he explained that the university has more than 200,000 students and 14,000 faculty members and support agencies. At the conclusion of the meeting, both sides pledged their interest in building fruitful cooperation.

After the meeting, the Memorandum of Understanding and the supplementary signing ceremony of the Masters program began, which was attended by representatives of the German Philips Marburg University and the head of the German University’s Center for Islamic Studies, Dr. Albert Voss. , Through visual communication technology. In his speech, the President of Ain Shams University renewed his gratitude to the Director General of ISESCO for coming to the university and praised the openness of the institution and its great cooperation with the universities. Member states and others, pointing out that there are many areas where ISESCO’s approach to law has been integrated with the interests of Shams University, especially in building the capacity of young people and enabling them to meet future challenges. Mamduh El-Damati, Acting Dean of the Faculty, gave a presentation on Archeology, Memorandum of Understanding, cooperation in training, capacity building and scholarship at Ain Shams University, explaining that the Masters consists of two years of study, one at Shams University and the other at Phillips Marburg University. . Although Dr. Albert Voss expressed his pleasure at his participation in the signing, he noted that his university’s collaboration with Ain Shams University has been going on for 10 years, and that eight more German universities are planned to join this collaboration.

For his part, Dr. Ayman Saleh, Vice President of Ain Shams University for Graduate Studies and Research, evaluated ISESCO’s guidelines for collaborating with universities and research centers and encouraging investment in space science, explaining that the Masters program provides scholarships for scholars. Will. On behalf of the Islamic world and abroad in preserving and managing heritage. In his speech, Dr. Al-Malik reaffirmed that ISESCO’s vision places great importance on heritage preservation, as it has established Heritage Centers in the Islamic world, which can be an effective tool in implementation. The strategy of the organization to preserve the heritage and to maintain its developmental role for all the people of the member states. The organization has launched an academic program to teach heritage and to integrate it into practice with modern technology, to develop scientifically qualified structures that are technically capable of managing and protecting it.

He concludes his speech by reaffirming that ISESCO extends its hand to all international and academic organizations working in the field of heritage and artificial intelligence, for constructive collaboration to maximize the employment of artificial intelligence in tradition with all its elements, vocabulary and patterns. Dr. Al-Malik and Dr. El-Matini then signed a memorandum of understanding in front of the Director General of ISESCO and his assistant delegation, calling for an international scientific conference on the use of artificial intelligence and digitization applications and techniques. , Ain Shams visited the laboratory for the collection of traditional manuscripts of the University and for their recovery, where he heard an explanation from the officials about the stages of the recovery process and the manner in which the work is being done.

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