400 euros per month: Nursing students should receive a bonus

Ling. This is the first measure of the “Skills for Nursing” strategy, which began in mid-February: training bonus. To meet the growing demand for nursing staff, Upper Austria will need about 2,000 additional nursing staff (1,500 full-time units) by 2030. 1500 people are currently being trained in geriatric care. Interest in the job is great, but mostly fails for financial reasons.

The social sector of the state is therefore preparing for financial assistance. Finally, it will be possible to take advantage of this in the next year. Governor Thomas Stelzer (VP) says that through premiums, no one wants to refer to parties interested in a geriatric nursing profession, but “to keep them in the nursing profession.” The purpose of the fund is to help people switch to a new career in the healthcare system.

The premium should be around 400 euros per month, it does not exclude other scholarships and can be obtained together with the existing training grant. During the training, geriatric nursing students receive about 1400 euros per month, with an average unemployment benefit of 400 euros with about 1000 euros. The money “should be a recognition for everyone choosing an important profession of nursing and care,” it said yesterday.

Obligation to care

Premiums are paid throughout the training, so qualified nurses pay extra for three years. In return, recipients will be required to work in the nursing profession for at least three years.

Social Provincial Councilor Wolfgang Hatmansdurfer (VP) said: “We invest a lot of money in nursing training. As part of the “Skills Strategy for Nursing”, an expert conference will also begin in May and should end in August with concrete arrangements. (Incorrect)

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